History of credit in the philippines

Topics: SQL, Database model, Database management system Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: October 21, 2013
1. Look for a certain issue or article about Database Management related to your course. Make some comments about the article.

Art.1. The Database Management allows you to update the database password and quota, monitor the storage usage of your database, backup and restore your databases, and provides an example of a connection string name. Article ID: 1042, Created On: 3/30/2012, Modified: 9/20/2013 Reflection:

Database management tool is important to financial management students especially when it comes to financial statements. We are using different database to perform our job as a financial analyst or financial manager. It is easy for us to organize the data needed in our company that helps us be efficient.

With the volumes of digital data used by businesses growing at exponential rates, having the right information management and database software becomes key to corporate decision-making. While established products such as Oracle, DB2 and Informix remain widely used, open source alternatives such as MySQL and Ingres offer potential alternatives for IT managers. We examine the issues around choosing the right products and strategies for your organization. Reflection:

Database management Is important when it comes to decision making because some database is used to present financial statements which is used in determining whether to invest or divest in certain company.

Organizations are under increased pressure to audit every action that a user performs within a database.  This is due to increased focus on security, risk, accountability and avoidance of fraud and corruption.  While security prevention measures (logins, firewalls, tokens etc.) are important to prevent unauthorized access to the data in the first place, as this survey shows, most breaches occur by users who are authorized but are either negligent or malicious.

The problem with auditing is that itself generates a lot of data,...
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