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Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Universal health care Pages: 4 (1159 words) Published: May 30, 2014
Response paper 6-7 (this counts as two response papers).
Completing this assignment will require anywhere from 60-80 minutes. It will count as two response papers. This documentary is a case study in policy making. It helps us to learn about the mechanisms of making laws at the national level for high profile policies in America. In particular, this case focuses our attention on the role of powerful and wealthy interest groups in Washington, and how they can easily influence government and sway laws to their benefit. It also helps us to lean about who has power over and in government, who is represented, who has voice, influence, and who doesn’t. Please, watch “Obama’s Deal: PBS Documentary Exposing Corruption and the Role of Big Money and Powerful Lobby in American Policy Making Process” by opening this link: www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/obamasdeal/view/?autoplay

You may start filling out the questionnaire while you are watching the documentary. Simply copy these 14 questions into your response paper and answer them in the order of appearance. 1. What immediate problem did the president run into when initiating the healthcare reform? 2. Obama’s administration believed that taking on a healthcare reform is a test of what in American politics? According to Obama, it was intended to prove what? 3. Who opposed the healthcare reform under both Clinton and Obama? Who stood to lose from the healthcare reform? 4. What did the propaganda ads funded by insurance lobby advertise to the American public about the healthcare reform? Whose interests did they keep in mind when doing that? 5. Who could get to the congressional hearings on the healthcare reform? Was there anyone representing 50 million uninsured Americans at the congressional hearings? 6. While powerful insurance lobbyists initially stated that they would support the reform, what did they request in return and why? (hint: they wanted some feature added to the bill, what is that...
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