History 17c

Topics: New Deal, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Great Depression Pages: 8 (1707 words) Published: May 6, 2013
HIST 17C – Lecture Notes
Lecture #3 – 4/5/13:

The Range of Prosperity

The 1920s: Era of Big Businesses
Technological Growth
Separation of Ownership and Management

Spokespeople for Big Businesses
Calvin Collidge
* Was famously rich, also known for being a great spokesperson Bruce Barton and The Man Nobody Knows
* Jesus as a businessman
* The Man Nobody Knows
* “he recognized the basic principle that all good advertising is news” * He understood that every word he uttered had to be used * Business presented itself as the handmaiden of Christianity and justified itself by linking profitability to religion

Cult of Productivity
* A cult of productivity accompanied the new business ethos * Frederick Winslow Taylor
Henry Ford
* Ford symbolized the cult of productivity during the 1920s * “Machinery is the new Messiah”
* On the side of tradition
* Hates immigrants, Catholics, Jews, etc.
* Ford introduced moving assembly line to automobile manufacture * Cuts car prices so that more people can afford to buy it * Raises wages so that workers are able to buy his products as well * Realizes that in order for demand to continue, need to have people who are able to consume products * Superficially, cult of productivity benefited workers

* Their wages were rising, and they could afford to buy cars and the new mass-produced items * In fact, the cult of productivity meant they had to work at maximum capacity * Ford opposed labor unions, and management’s profits were rising at a much faster rate than workers’ Workers Outside Ford

Cult of Consumption
* Increased productivity and rising wages lead to the cult of consumption * 9 of top 20 industries in late 1920s specialized in consumer goods Consumption!
* Consumption of Entertainment
* Particularly movies & films in the 1920s
* Became the favorite entertainment of Americans
* 1930s year after sound was introduced
* Growing popularity of the radio as well
* Model T cost $290 in 1925, about three months’ wages for workers * Cars are able to be bought on credit
* Urged to buy on installment plan, makes the expansion of all this consumption possible * Encouraged rise of suburbs & road building in the 1920’s Advertisers Create Demand
* Advertises lived off of, and created, the cult of consumption * John Watson
* Alfred Sloan of GM introduced planned obsolescence
* Trying to make newer models a social necessity
* Sanctifies relaxation
* Place where people are having fun
* Leisure
* Usually have a car and a dog
* Harmony = buying new things
* Ex. if you want friends, buy a fridge so that people will come over to look at it Romantic Love

Advertisers believed they wer

The Impact on Human Behavior: Sex

Lecture #5 – 4/10/13:
FDR and the New Deal
* FDR was thinking of freedom through the government
* FDR wins a huge victory in US
* The New Deal –


The Election of 1932: Hoover vs. FDR
* FDR wins popular vote
* Creation of the modern democratic party

* March 1933 took office
* Contracted polio, could never walk again
* Unspoken agreement in the media to never take a picture of FDR in a wheelchair * Public thought that the polio just left him with a limp * Affair with Lucy M?
* Family made a fortune with the opium trade
* Not only did he have self-confidence and self-assurance, but he was able to relate it to others so that they would feel it as well * Able to communicate all these characteristics at a time of need * Mood of the country seemed to change over night

* Self-assurance
* Experimentalism – least rich president US has had
* Was willing to try anything; if it didn’t work, try something else * Use of media – shaped public media...
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