Histology Practice Questions

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Exercise for Histology (for digestive gland)

I. Multichosen questions:
1. The B cells in islet of Langerhans secrete ( B ).
A. glucagon B. insulin
C. serotonin D. pepsin
E. trypsin
2. The perisinusoidal space ( space of Disse ) in hepatic lobule is located between ( C ). A. two adjacent hepatocytes
B. hepatic macrophage and endothelium of hepatic sinusoid
C. hepatocyte and endothelium of hepatic sinusoid
D. hepatic plate and hepatic plate
E. fat-storing cell and endothelium of hepatic sinusoid
3. The organelles in hepatocyte which possess detoxification which some drugs can be inactivated are ( E ). A. microbodies B. mitochondria
C. Golgi complex D. Lysosome
4. The A cells in islet of Langerhans secrete ( D ).
A. trypsin B. pepsin
C. serotonin D. Glucagon
E. insulin
II. Fill in the blanks:
1. They are serous acini in the exocrine portion of pancreas. The zymogen granules present in cytoplasma of cells. 2. Each portal space contains a interlobular veins , an interlobular arteries , interlobular bile duct and lymphatic vessels. 3. Bile canaliculi are tiny cavities limited by only the plasma membrane of two adjacent hepatocytes. The junctions of them with bile duct in a portal space are called intralobular duct . The cell membranes near these bile canaliculi are firmly joined by tight junction and desmosome . 4. The hepatic sinusoid are the spaces between the hepatic plates. They contain kupffer cells and NK cells. 9. The major salivary glands are composed of secretory portion and duct portion . 10. Ducts of the major salivary glands are subdivided into intercalated ducts, intralobular duct and interlobular duct . 11. They are pure serous acini in the parotid gland. Most of acini are mixed in the submandibular. The majority of acini are mucous in the sublingual glands. III. Questions:

1. Describe the ultra-structures and functions of hepatocytes in detail. The Hepatocyte
Liver cells, making up 97% of total cells in the liver, are polyhedral, with six or more surfaces, and have a diameter of 15-30 mm. In sections stained with hematoxylin and eosin, the cytoplasm of the hepatocyte is eosinophilic. The liver cell has one or two rounded nuclei with one or two typical nucleoli. The hepatocyte has an extremly abundant organells including endoplasmic reticulum--both smooth and rough, mitochondria, Golgi complexes, Hepatocyte lysosomes, Peroxisomes. In addition, it contains glycogen. Another common cellular component is the lipid droplet, whose numbers vary greatly.

Functions of the Liver Cell
The liver cell probably is the most versatile cell in the body. It is a cell with both endocrine and exocrine functions; it also synthesizes, or accumulates, or detoxifies, or transports certain substances.

2. Describe the blood circulation of liver.
The liver is unusual in that it receives blood from two sources: 80% of the blood derives from the portal vein that carries oxygen-poor but nutrient-rich blood from the abdominal viscera; and 20% from the hepatic artery that supplies oxygen-rich blood.

3. What are the structures and functions of islets of Langerhans. ANSWER FROM PPT.

Exercise 12 for Histology (Respiratory system)

I. Multichosen questions:
1. The small granular cells of respiratory epithelium constitute ( D ). A. immune system B. nervous system
C. endocrine system D. neuroendocrine system E. sensory system
2. The basic unit of the lung is lung lobule which is formed by ( E ). A. alveoli B. alveolar duct
C. respiratory bronchiole and its tributaries
D. terminal bronchiole and its tributaries
E. bronchiole and its tributaries
3. When a bronchiole is obstructed, which structure may equalize pressure in the...
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