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Health Structure8
Development of the Health Facilities under the Five Year Plan10 Health Sector Problems13
Unhealthy Budget for Health Sector15
Why does Health Matters? 18
Development in Health Sector20
Two Biases: Rural and Urban21
Challenges to the Health System Development in Pakistan22
Government Planning and Policy in Pakistan24
Implementation of the Plan25


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Healthcare is an important sector in Pakistan. Pakistan is the 6th most populous country with a population of 170 million. The population is expected to reach 194 million by the year 2020 with the current growth rate of 2%. Pakistan’s ranking is 142 in the human development index (HDI).

Pakistan at the time of its independence in 1947 inherited a health care delivery system that was a legacy of colonial British period. This rudimentary system was in the shape of public health services and some curative services. The health and demographic characteristics in Pakistan are substantially worse than those of other countries in the region. Public expenditure on health has been increasing over time, but is only a very small proportion of the GNP. The main health care issue, therefore, is how to provide a cost-effective service to the majority of the people. After the Independence of Pakistan, during the initial phase (1947-1955), most important initial problem was the replenishment of staff. In addition to other programs, BCG vaccination campaign was launched with the support of UNICEF and two medical schools were opened in the West Pakistan. From 1955 onwards, developmental activities were affected in phases of five year and each phase was known as Five Year Plan.

Besides the developmental activities, the health sector in Pakistan has always lacked in meeting the needs of rapidly growing population. The blame simply falls upon the level of corruption with the sector, lack of research based practices i.e., more stress upon curative rather than preventive measures, mismanagement of fund allocated for the sector and the infrastructural weakness of hospitals under the public system.

The budget for health sector is also unhealthy. Pakistan’s share of total health expenditure to gross national product has never exceeded 0.8% per annum [Economic Survey 1992-93], which is significantly lower than many of its neighboring countries in the region.

Now, Government is taking steps for the development of health sector. The number of hospitals has increased by two-and-a-half time’s since1955, while the number of hospital beds has increased fourfold, and the population-per-bed has fallen by about a quarter. Facilities such as Basic Health Units and Rural Health centres, which are the primary source of contact, especially for the rural community, have increased substantially. But one thing is kept on being the same, which are the biases between rural and urban areas. Despite of all this, government is facing daring challenges and is making plans and policies to root out the flaws in the sector and to overcome corruption and provide better facilities to the nation.

Health Sector is a category of...
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