Health Mid-Term Study Guide

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Health 201 Midterm Exam Study Guide
Health & Fitness for Teachers

The expressions of feelings about one’s self, others, and things is Emotional Development.

What does color do for a school?
Color choice in a school improves a physical condition that enables learning and development to be desirable for students. Color can transform a school’s atmosphere from depressing and monotonous to inviting, pleasing, and stimulating.

Other Enhancing Physical Conditions that Facilitate Optimal Learning & Development: School size, lighting, temperature and ventilation, noise control, sanitation and cleanliness, accessibility, and other physical environmental concerns.

Lighting is the most critical physical characteristic of the classroom. It’s the key to the well being of students and teachers who are confined in a classroom. Poor lighting can affect students’ attitudes and mood.

The Coordinated School Health Program is a systematic approach for schools to use in order to meet the needs of the whole child. School health services and programs promote healthy living and safe environment. It creates achievement and success, and seeks active partnerships with community based agencies and personnel. Implement changes via a School Health Coordinator who is responsible for the evaluation and administration of the program. 8 Components of a Coordinated School Health Program:

1.) Comprehensive School Health Education 2.) School Health Services 3.) A Healthful and Safe School Environment 4.) Physical Education 5.) Nutrition Services 6.) Counseling, Psychological, Social Services 7.) Health Promotion for Staff 8.) Family and Community Involvement

HECAT (Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool) is an assessment tool that provides a structured process to improve health education curriculum. It’s available on the CDC website.

School Health Services provide students and school personnel with appraisal, protection, and promotion. Services are offered by teachers and allied health professionals. It’s a system of referring students and families to agencies and health professionals with careful follow up- follow up is a key component.

What are some things teachers have no control over in school? School size
Classroom size
Subject area
Forcing students to learn or care bout school
Television watching
School discipline policies
Support and resources
Availability of instructional technology
Parent participation
Low birth weights
Environmental damage

Major Cause of Death amongst Young People vs. Adults
Young People Adults
-- Car crashes -- Heart Disease, Cancer, and Stroke
-- Homicide (intentional) -- Dietary habits, smoking, drinking, -- Suicide (intentional) and physical inactivity habits, often -- Unintentional injuries contribute to the diseases above (Falls, Fires, Drownings)

An Unintentional Injury is caused by an accident. Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for teens. (Burns, Poisonings, etc.) An Intentional Injury is a result from interpersonal violence and self-directed violence. (Domestic violence, Bullying or Fighting between students, etc.)

Risk Behaviors are action a person chooses that threatens their health. Risk behaviors cause injury, illness, and premature death. Most risk behaviors are preventable. Most risk behaviors are interrelated and established during youth and persist into adulthood.

The CDC has identified 6 Categories of Risk Behaviors:
1.) Tobacco Use (the most preventable cause of death in the U.S.) 2.) Alcohol and drug use 3.) Behaviors caused by unintentional and intentional injuries 4.) Sexual behaviors resulting in unintended pregnancy, HIV/AID’s, and STD’s 5.) Dietary patterns that contribute to disease 6.) Insufficient physical activity

Physical Activity is body movement from skeletal muscles, which lead to energy expenditure. Physical activity leads to active and energetic children that are likely to avoid...
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