Health As a Multifactorial Phenomenon

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Health As A Multi-Factorial Phenomenon

Alarcon, Albert Stephen

Acuna, Arvin Jon S.
Aves, Sharlene Joy
Belo, Nadine Franchesca
Beroin, Roselle
Buathong, Victoria
Bastami, Moohebat

Table of Contents
Health As A MultiFactorial Phenomenon
A. Factors Affecting Health
A.1 Political----------------------------- Aves, Sharlene-------------------------------------- 3

A.2 Cultural/ Behavioral--------------- Belo, Nadine--------------------------------------- 3

A.3 Heredity------------------------------ Belo, Nadine---------------------------------------- 4

A.4 Types of HC Services------------Aves, Sharlene------------------------------------- 4

A.5 Environment--------------------- Buathong, Victoria------------------------------------ 5

A.6 Socio Economic---------------- Buathong, Victoria-------------------------------------5

B. Factors Influencing HC
B.1 Heirarchy of Needs-------------- Acuna Arvin ------------------------------------- 6

B.2 Major Developmental levels and Tasks----- Beroin Roselle ------------------- 7

B.3 Developmental stages and task by Freud and Erikson- Beroin Roselle-- 8

B.4 Type of condition affecting the patient--- Acuna Arvin-----------------------------9

B.5 Personal Resources-------------Acuna Arvin-------------------------------------------9

B.6 Extent of actual or perceived changes in body image- Alarcon, Stephen----10

B.7 Clients and familys stage of adaptation------------ Alarcon, Stephen ----------10

B.8 Client’s History------------- Alarcon Stephen ------------------------------------------10

C. LEVEL OF HEALTH CARE PREVENTION------ Bastami, Moohebat-----------11

REFERENCES---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12

A. Factors Affecting Health

Involves one’s leadership how/she rules, manages and other people in...

References: - Prevention for the Health of North Carolina, 2009.
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