healing properties of tulsi or holy basil

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The Queen of Herbs
Can you cure a headache without a pill and
get yourself a personalised immune-boosting
programme without a bill? Yes, it is possible only
with tulsi, the queen of herbs
By Kamakshi Vyas-Fernandes

They say that “the whole is only as
strong as the sum of its parts.” When
applied to healing, it would mean
that it is counterproductive to treat
only the illness or its symptoms; you
should treat the body as a whole.
This is exactly what Dadaji explained
about the working of the powers of the
tulsi. Scientifically explained, tulsi has
‘adaptogenic’ properties that carry out
the function of helping the body adapt
to physical and mental stress.


randparents and old folks
often use and recommend
easily available herbs, plants
and spices as home remedies. As my
grandfather or Dadaji — who was an
allopathic and ayurvedic doctor —
used to say, using natural herbs aids
in the generation of a robust body
by boosting our immune system and
helping us to combat any major or
minor illnesses.
If you explore, you will find a million
home remedies made from regular
ingredients like turmeric, fenugreek
and mustard seeds, various oils,
condiments, animal products,
common plants and related

ingredients from your kitchen or a
nearby garden. All you need to do is
have an open mind.
In India, the tulsi (holy basil or the
Ocimum tenuiflorum) is revered not
only for its traditional and religious
values, but also for its healing
properties. Dadaji had planted two
varieties of tulsi at our ancestral
home, so that it would be easily
accessible in times of need — the
blueish-purplish version that’s
called Shyaam tulsi and the pure
green variety called Ram tulsi.
Shyaam tulsi is stronger in flavour
and aroma than Ram tulsi, which
is mild yet fragrant.

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Over summer vacations and winter
breaks, when we...
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