Topics: Authority, Power, Need Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: November 1, 2014
1. Describe Sunderland’s management and work style. What are her sources of power? Sunderland is an experienced and a methodical manager who prepares beforehand for the client meetings. Being the firm’s point of contact with the client, she has to communicate the client’s strategy and vision to her co-workers. Though she does not dictate the creative nature of content developers’ work, she is unshakeable when it clashes with the strategic objectives of the client. While she develops the training programs by working in a group with the content developers, she has some autonomy over the final decisions and sometimes this works against her favour by causing displeasure among other employees. Nevertheless, she is a highly valued manager who brings structure to the organization with her professionalism. Her co-workers have learnt a lot from her as she is always encouraging them to develop the best product possible. Positional Power: Even though the organizational structure is flat, her position gives her the authority to approve developers’ recommendations before forwarding them to the COO. Relational Power: The progress of the firm depends on her professional relationships with the clients. She has strong, direct ties with her co-workers and her boss and is highly admired for her efficiency, experience, and work ethic.

Personal Power: Her charisma and track record help her gain support and her expertise and self-confidence help her maintain good relations with clients. 2. Describe Morgan’s management and work style. What are his sources of power? Morgan knows what a good fit is for him. He likes working in a hassle-free environment without any bureaucratic labyrinth. He overlooks the work of his various teams keeping in mind the time and cost constraints. He is driven by practicality, creativeness and loves the sales and strategy side of assignment. He rebels against single-mindedness and defends his ideas to the...
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