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By asadharoon Dec 04, 2013 1251 Words
Two Types Of Analysis Of Super Asia Marketing Essay
In my final report I did two types of analysis of Super Asia. First is SWOT analysis which includes the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats faced by Super Asia. And the second is PEST analysis which is about political, economic, social and technological changes. SWOT stands for strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and threats. Reason to do this analysis to find out, what are the strengths of the company and that can overcome the weaknesses of the company and identify opportunities that can benefit the company to prevent threats to the company. And will be examined individually strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by the Asia Super. Strengths:

Company was built in good faith in the Pakistan market, from a very long time. The company has the largest market share in all parts of the country in the washing machine industry. Super Asia is a known brand name to almost every person in the country and very famous in the home appliance industry. The company deals in all kinds of home appliances, such as washing machine, spinners, and air conditioners, fans, heaters, water dispensers, room air coolers, microwave oven, cooking range. Super Asia is also a strategic partner for Procter & Gamble. Asia Super strategies are such as Procter & Gamble. Super Asia exports its products to various regions around the world such as markets mainly Africa and the Middle East and Asia. Company is having a number of employees who are committed to the old loyalty with the company. Super Asia retains employees by offering benefits such as aging benefits, disability benefits and sickness benefits, and medical facilities in the hospital and the company paid in advance etc. There are a large number of models available in each of the company's products. The company has won the prestigious award for the period 2004-2005 Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry presented by General Pervez Musharraf to the Chief Executive Officer of Super Asia. The company has won the Merit Cup 2005-2006 Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry gave by Shaukat Aziz (Prime Minister at the time) to the Director General for Super Asia. Weaknesses:

There is a shortage of skilled labor in the company due to which the company has to face big competition. Advertising budget is a very short in Super Asia relative to other brands in the market. Not most of the administrative staff is well educated.

There is also a very weak point in the management of surplus labor. There are a large number of workers in management. Management staffs salaries are very low due to the well-educated and experienced do not come to work in the company. The management staff do not have direct link with their dealers Complaints department does not provide appropriate services to customers of the company. Company has not put appropriate promotional strategies for international markets. Traders of company complaints for the low profit margin in products. Opportunities:

Due to the government's policy of low export duties, Super Asia has opportunities to increase its exports. Due to the strong financial position of the company, management can use the latest technology in their products. Company can use the brand name in the international market to increase sales of Fans. The company is financially very strong, so it can use the electronic media and print to increase their sales. Company should appear in International Industrial Exhibition. It's a great opportunity for the company to create brand awareness in the global markets. Threats:

Chinese technology is a very big threat to Super Asia.
Other competitors of Super Asia offer the same products at relatively lower prices. There are a large number of new companies set to increase competition in the market. STYLO Washing Machine Company invests heavy budget in promoting their products. Current energy crisis and electricity is a very big obstacle to the company's manufacturing unit. Due to lack of electricity the company may not be able to meet the demand. PEST Analysis:

PEST analysis stands for “Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis” PEST analysis are used to describe a framework for analyzing these macro environmental factors. A PEST analysis fits into an environmental scan as shown in diagram. Political factors:

As there is no export duty levied by the government so that Super Asia is taking advantage of this move and is trying to increase their exports in the International markets. Super Asia offers its employees with social security benefits under the supervision of the Social Security Act which are old age benefit, retirement benefit, pension and disability benefit. The company owns the trademark and brand name that gives the company the exclusive right by government policies on the use and enters into contracts and transactions through its trade name registrar. The company is committed to follow the safety regulations of workers as provided for under the law of the safety of workers. All relevant tax policies are being followed by Super Asia mainly for imports of the products Economic factors:

Super Asia plays an important role for economic growth by contributing to the country's economy. Cost of production includes wage salaries, and workers to staff, purchasing, facilities, and internal and external transport, etc. The company offers a variety of products for different categories of customers. For example, good quality products and a bit expensive for a higher degree and cheaper products to the lower class customers. Product prices of Super Asia are higher than its competitor’s products but still have a Super Asia's largest market share because of the quality of its products. Exchange rate of the company is high because of the clients that have the confidence in Super Asia. Social factors:

Wages and salaries of workers and management are not satisfactory and therefore the factor income distribution is not satisfactory. Super Asia funded many NGOs and welfare organizations in the whole country. Super Asia has honor of being the first local company just to take care of home appliance chain international cricket. The company running a hospital, "Mian Mohammad Din Memorial Trust Hospital " to take care of their employees as well as the people of the near vicinity. The company provides various types of home appliances that help in improving the lifestyle of the people. Company is to provide models in a variety of costumes that can be used differently in different places. Technological factors:

Company is having large number of computerized machine that helps in reducing the cost of the work and the time. Due to technological improvements many of the items are available at its good quality. Manufacturing department has also different types of dyes for producing different models or shapes of products. Tool shop also working inside the factory premises, which manufactures tools that will be used in its own production. The company provided computers for employees to spend on stationery costs and save time. Different software is being used in different departments for handling and controlling on the Accounts and Stores. Need an essay? You can buy essay help from us today!

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