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Gym Routine

By robertwilliams18 May 05, 2013 864 Words
In the routine given below you will complete two to four sets of each exercise. You will finish all sets for each given exercise before moving onto the next exercise. You must complete 8 – 10 reps (repetitions) for each exercise; this is the ideal amount of reps for muscle hypertrophy (tone). The reasons why we must complete this number of repetitions are: * Maximum growth can only be achieved by activating the full spectrum of muscle fibres, and a moderate rep scheme will accomplish this better than a low rep range or even a very high rep range. Both of the fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibres are brought into play, and the time the muscle is under tension is long enough to work the muscles to their fullest potential. * Moderate reps have also been shown to maximise the release of various hormones, including testosterone and growth hormone. This is facilitated by the accrual of lactic acid. It has been shown that lactate promotes hormonal excitation, which then acts on the muscle cell to induce growth. * Moderate repetition has been shown to cause a distinct “pump” in the muscle in which your muscles fill up with blood. This not only provides a temporary fullness to your muscles, but also increases the hydration within muscle cells. Studies have demonstrated that a hydrated cell stimulates protein synthesis and inhibits protein breakdown (proteolysis). Therefore muscles will be provided with the raw materials to lay down new contractile proteins, which is the primary basis for muscle growth. In relation to the overload principle, the weight you choose must be heavy enough that the last few reps must be a struggle, and you may not be able to complete all the reps, therefore if you are able to complete the full amount of reps quite easily then the weight is to light. If you are not able to complete at least eight reps then the weight is too heavy and must be dropped. It may take you a couple of sessions to get the weights right. Rests between sets will be 60 – 90 seconds between sets, this has been proven to be sufficient so that you can be strong on the next sets whilst keep your anabolic levels high. The workouts given below should not be done on consecutive days but ideally on a Mon, Wed and Friday. The days in between will be days that cardiovascular training will be done (details given below).

Workout 1 - Tuesday
Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps.
Workout 1 - Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps|
Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps|
Exercise| Sets| Reps|
Dumbell Shoulder Press| 4| 8 – 10 reps|
Cable Upright Row| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Dumbell Rear Delt Raise| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
One Arm Cable Curl| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Barbell Curl| 2| 8 – 10 reps|
Dumbell Concentration Curl| 2| 8 – 10 reps|
Dumbell Triceps Kickbacks| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
One-Arm Dumbell Triceps Ext| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
One-Arm Reverse Pushdown| 2| 8 – 10 reps|

Workout 2 - Thursday
Thighs, Hamstrings and Calves.
Workout 2 - Thighs, Hamstrings and Calves|
Thighs, Hamstrings and Calves|
Exercise| Sets| Reps|
Barbell Squat| 4| 8 – 10 reps|
Leg Extension| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Dumbell Side Lunge| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Dumbell Stiff-leg Deadlift| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Lying Leg Curl| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Cable Abductor Raise| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Standing Calf Raise| 3| 8 – 10 reps|

Workout 3 - Saturday
Chest, Back and Abdominals.
Workout 3 - Chest, Back and Abdominals|
Chest, Back and Abdominals|
Exercise| Sets| Reps|
Barbell Incline Press| 4| 8 – 10 reps|
Dumbell Flat Press| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Dumbell Incline Fly| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Reverse Lat Pulldown| 4| 8 – 10 reps|
One-Arm Dumbell Row| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Dumbell Pullover| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Cable Weighted Crunch| 3| 8 – 10 reps|
Leg Raises| 3| 8 – 10 reps|

Week 2. Will focus on the development of muscle tone and muscular endurance. We are altering the reps/rest intervals this week, which will initiate a heightened fat-burning effect from the workout. Sets: You will perform 3 sets of each exercise.

Reps: 15 – 20 per set
Rest: 30 seconds only between sets.
Week 3. This week we revert back to the same workout as given for week 1. But on the last set of each exercise we are going to do a “drop-set” this means that on the last set of each exercise once you have completed the given number of reps you will reduce the weight down about 30% and complete as many reps as you can to failure. Example would be if you were doing say Dumbell Press for chest and you were using 10kg dumbell once you had completed your last repetition on the last set you would put that weight down and immediately pick up 3kg dumbbells and continue with this weight until you could not complete any more repetitions. Then you would move onto the next exercise. Reps: 8 – 10 reps, with drop set on last set.

Rest: 60 – 90 seconds.
You will complete this routine for a total of nine weeks before the exercises will need to be changed to different exercises to shock the body.

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