Guided Debate Speech Template

Topics: Logic, Premise, Expert Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Debate Speech Templates
Motion: ______________________________________________________________ Introduction (First Speaker)
Good morning/afternoon honorable adjudicator, dear opponents and members of the audience. Today, we are indeed honoured and privileged to stand before you to present our views on the motion of the house: ‘_______________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________. (write down the motion)

As 1st speaker of the affirmative team, I will start by defining the key terms of today’s motion and will introduce you our team’s first points; namely: ________________and _______________. Following on, my second speaker will strengthen our arguments and further elaborate our case by talking about _____________________. My last speaker will summarise our team’s arguments and will leave you without a doubt that _______________________________________ (restate the motion) ______________________________________________________________________. (rephrase the motion in your own words) Let me now define the key terms of the motion. ________________________________. (write down the key terms of the motion) The word ‘__________________’ according to __________________________ (source) refers to _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

The word ‘__________________’ in the case of the motion means ________________ _____________________________ according to (source) _______________________ ______________________________________________________________________.

What about the word ‘________________’? It means ‘_________________’, ‘_____________’ and ‘________________’. __________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I can’t speak strongly enough for the proposition that...
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