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1. Describe the difference between the two lines on your graph made in Step 6. Explain why the lines are different. Referring to graph on the right the difference between the two lines is that one line is at a faster speed than the other in the same amount of time. While one is steeper the other one is not as steep.

2. How would the graph change if you walked toward the Motion Detector rather than away from it? Test your answer using the Motion Detector. Since the graph is going in a positive direction, the guess would be, that the graph would start from the top instead of the bottom, and would go downward causing the direction to become negative.

3. What did you have to do to match the graph you were given in Step 7? In order to match the graph given in step 7, it had to do with perfect timing, and communication- since the computer screen was not in visible site on the moving person. We had a look at the given graph, interpreted what it said which was: wait for 5 seconds, move in fast motion for 3 more seconds, pause again and at a slower motion keep moving forward and to end pause once more.

4. Sketch a distance vs. time graph for a car that starts slowly, moves down the street, stops at a stop sign, and then starts slowly again.



4. Describe the difference between the two lines on the graph made in Step 12. Explain why the lines are different. Referring to the graph on the right, line one is a line moving at a slower velocity compared to line 2 which is moving at a faster velocity in the same about time. There is a small error in this experiment, as you can see in the graph of the right, the velocity is not as constant.

5. What is the definition of velocity?
Velocity is a vector quantity that has the same direction as the displacement. Displacement per unit time is called Velocity.

6. What did you have to do to...
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