Greek History

Topics: Mycenaean Greece, Bronze Age, Knossos Pages: 4 (1000 words) Published: March 5, 2013
1.course introduction

2.The Chronology of Greek hx

BC (before Christ) 3000 2000 1000 480_______/AD (year of our Lord latin)_________2013

7000-3000 Neolithic/New stone age--
3000-2100 Early bronze age
2100-1600 Middle bronze age
1600-1200 late bronze age
1200-750/700 Dark age/Iron age (1200 about troy timeline) writing reemerges in the 700-800 getting out of the dark ages. 750/700-480 Archaiac period (ends with persion destruction of athens) 480-323 Classical period (great bldgs in athens/plays/comdies/tradgeies 323-30 Hellenistic period (period after the death of alexander the great) hellous became greek

776 first olypimcs (about the time emerging from the dark ages) 480 persians destroy athens
404 sparta defeats athens (near end of athenian domination) maybe called a civil war 323 Alexander the great dies
30 Suicide of Cleopatra (last queen/last monarch for a hellenistic period)

3.Sources for greek history
almost everything we have is fragmented in one shape or form. do we really want to believe that form of the story. there are archlogical sources and written records
Material record: archaeologtical sournces. Sometimes underwater archology finds such as ships with cargo. the mollecullar make up of the clay/pots can determine where it came from and how old. Written: scriptures/writting on pieces of clay, stone papyrus (reeds woven togehter into paper) Written record: Linear A, Crete,(found on crete evid of linear A going all the way back to the 15th century--never decifered (language) Linear B, mycenae, pylos, crete (language) has been deciferred. Palace records (this much wine/bread etc) appears linear B all disappeared by the end of the 12th century by 1100 by a general collapse of society. wasn’t until the 8th century that a greek alphabet was developed based on a phoencian element. Greeks based their alphabet on someone elses language (writting) Papyrus. much of it wasted away some saved.

5th century...
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