Grading in International Marketing

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Grading in MRK2033 Internasjonal markedsføring and EXC3602 International marketing

When deciding the grade in individual case seminars, the case-leaders make an overall judgment based on how the students have performed along the issues presented in the document called “Case analyses and seminars in international marketing”.

The students are graded from A to F, where A to E are passing grades, while F is fail. Table 1 gives an overview of the grades, including a brief description as well as qualitative description of the criteria for each grade.

In addition, Table 1 presents how these grades are distributed nationally across all fields (source: UHR). Note that even if this distribution can be identified at the national level, there is no requirement to use this distribution in individual case seminars. However, in the long-run the distribution in this course should approximate the distribution in Table 1. Grade| Brief description| General qualitative description of criteria| Typical distribution (from national population)| A| Excellent| Excellent and clearly outstanding performance. Strong ability to argue independently and with originality.| 11%| B| Very good| Very good performance above average. Some ability to argue independently and with some degree of originality.| 26%| C| Good| Average performance in most areas.| 31%|

D| Somewhat good| Performance below average, with a few important faults.| 16%| E| Sufficient| Performance that satisfies the minimum requirements, but not more| 8%| F| Fail| Does not satisfy the minimum requirements| 8%| Table 1: Overview of main grades

The case-leaders will usually use ordinary grades, like A, B, C, and D. However, the case-leaders can also give the students plusses, minuses, and half-grades, for example A-, B+, and A/B. Typically, a plus or a minus indicates that the student differentiated him or herself positively or negatively from the normal level of a given grade. When a...
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