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State and Local Government
Review Sheet-Exam 1

This is a list of general topics you will need to know in order to do well on the first exam. The first exam covers Chapters 1-3 and covers the topics of the foundations of Texas government, the U.S. and Texas Constitutions and federalism. This review does not cover the entire exam; therefore, you are responsible for all material in these chapters.

1) What is political culture?
Broadly shared values, beliefs and attitudes about how government and society should function 2) What are the different types of political culture?
Three state political culture categories:
Moralistic= government should promote public good
Individualistic= government should provide order/protect property (commercial success) Traditionalistic= government should maintain social order (est. by wealthy families) Some are a mix of two cultures combined

3) What is the political culture of Texas?
Tx is traditionalistic-Individualistic mix
Low taxes/social service provision
Business interests dominate policy
Tx is kind of hard to generalize because of development within the state differs EX: Large cities (Houston, Dallas) boarder cities (El Paso, Rio Grande Valley) Rural regions sharply different histories/people 4) Who regulates the oil and natural gas industry in Texas?

Tx Railroad Commission
State agency regulating oil/gas industries
Allowed common pipeline carries that served many different companies (efficient) Regulated oil production to smooth pricing
5) What has led to the increase in population in Texas?
Three sources of population growth
Natural increase (births)
International immigration (outside the u.s)
Domestic Immigration (one of u.s state to another)
Population today = 25.5 million (2nd largest state)
6) Know the demographic composition of Texas
Whites of European descent (except Spain)
Largest group during nineteenth and twentieth centuries
First wave arrived before Texas...
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