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Powers of the Presiding Officers
* Procedural powers- directly related to the legislative process * Institutional power- used to affect administrative policy and management of Texas government

Procedural Tools of Leadership
* Appoint most committee members and committee chairs
* Assign bills to committees- you can manipulate which bills are passed/ not passed you can send it to the wrong/right committee * Schedule legislation for floor action- schedule a vote, if you don’t want bill passed don’t schedule a vote * Recognize members on the floor- you can choose people who want to push your agenda (clean water example) * Interpret procedural rules

* Appoint chairs and members of conference committees- it depends if youre for or against the person who’s hiring. If you want the chair position “you scratch my back ill scratch yours” * Speaker appoints to House procedural and appropriations committees: -Total membership –chair and vice-chair.

Appropriations bills is how much money is going to be used and gained * Speaker determines when/if bills are heard on the House floor. * Limited seniority system determines up to one-half of a committees membership. Speaker appoints other half. Standing committee chairs appoint to subcommittees:

-Membership –chairs and vice chairs
* Appointive powers of presiding officer predicts action of a committee- if you want the position youre going to do whatever the luitenent governor wants you to do

Lieutenant Governor appoints all Senate committees and permanent subcommittees:
-Total membership
-Chairs and vice chairs
-He rewards friends and supporters as well as punishes opponents (most qualified are not getting the chance)

Chairs of standing committees appoint subcommittee membership

Types of Committees in 82nd Legislature
* Senate
* Total of 27 committees (including Finance and subcommittees)

House Committees
* Total of 47 committees and subcommittees

Joint committees
* Total of 8 committees
* Members are people from senate and house
* If a bill is introduced, gets voted on in house gets passed and goes to senate. Senate votes and approves same bill but different because the houses have different views, the members from both house (joint committee) and they iron out the differences, goes back to both houses, and then the bill goes to governors desk.

We redistrict every 10 years
Texas constitution is very complex
Female gov is MA

Committee Functions
* Division of labor
* Little legislature: have ability to mark up bill, amend it, alter a bill if it doesn’t work or not going to pass after it gets voted on so it increases it chances of passing it * Kills bills: Pigeon holding- goes to committee and goes into a black hole to never be seen again. Tagging- senatorial power, every senator can tag a bill, he contacts a committee chairman so now he gets 48 hours notice about the bill. So committee cant work on the bill until after those 48 hours. * Discharge petition: you file petition that yanks out of committee and straight to floor for debate and vote

The Calendar
* Page 195 box on lower right hand corner is wrong, it says there are 8 calendars in the house, those are categories not calendars. There are 4 calendars. * First calendar is the daily house calendar: contains list of new bills and resolutions, scheduled to be heard that day. The calendar must be distributed 36 hours before the session starts. If its special session it must be given out 24 hours ahead of time. * Second type is the supplemental house calendar: contain can contain 5 items, 1) measures passed to a third reading on the previous day- when a bill is put in it must be read 3 times. 2) items that were on calendar that were on previous day but were not gotten to. 3) measures on the daily calendars for that day?? 4) postponed business from a previous day....
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