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Gobichettipalayam (also known as Gobi) is a town and municipality in Erode District of Tamil Nadu state, India. Gobichettipalayam is an important town in the northwestern part of the state and is the headquarters of the taluk of the same name. It is situated at 213 metres above sea level and is approximately 35 km from the district headquarters Erode. Gobichettipalayam is also known as 'Chinna Kodambakkam' or 'Mini Kollywood' because of the film shooting that takes place here. Many films in Tamil and other languages have been shot here.

A major part of present Gobichettipalayam was previously known as Veerapandi Gramam, and documents and records still use that name.

The city was named after Gobi Chetty Pullan, a scholar of older times. The place was a part of the country ruled by the great king Vēl Pāri, who is regarded as one of the Kadai ēzhu vallal (literally meaning, the last 7 of the lines of great patrons). Pariyur, a place with many temples near Gobichettipalayam was named after him. The land was later ruled by the Cheras and captured by Tipu Sultan. After Tipu's defeat, British annexed it to their territory.


Gobichettipalayam municipality has a population of 60,279 according to 2011 census, an increase from 55,150 in 2001. According to the Government of Tamil Nadu, "males constitute 49% of the population and females 51%" and "Gobichettipalayam city has an average literacy rate of 74%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 80%, and female literacy is 68%."

The population is dominated by the Kongu Vellalar community. The taluk also has a number of Uralis. There are a significant numbers of people from other cultures like North Indians, Gurkhas, Malayalis and people from northeastern part of India. Because of the cultural and religious importance, people as far as from North India with roots in Tamil Nadu conduct their marriage rituals here.

Geography and Climate

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