Globalization Whap Notes

Topics: 20th century, Globalization, Economic geography Pages: 3 (672 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Globalization Notes
What factors contributed to economic globalization during the 20th century?

In what ways has economic globalization linked the world’s peoples more closely together?

What new or sharper divisions has economic globalization generated?

What distinguished feminism in the industrialized countries from that of the Global South?

In what respect did the various religious fundamentalists of the 20th century express hostility to global modernity?

In what different ways did Islamic renewal express itself?

What differences emerged between environmentalism in the Global North and that in the Global South?

.India has done very little reforms in agriculture to enable private and individual economic initiative that would help harness the benefits of globalisation. Despite this govt. created hurdles to globalisation, Indian agriculture has benefited substantially from whatever little globalisation that has ben allowed in Indian agriculture.The farmers that got the exposure to global links of markets, technology and investment, benefited in terms of improving their yields, getting better prices and secured offtake. In many areas of the country, tomatoe growers, potato farmers and fruit growersfarmers benefited from tie-up and collaborations with ketchup, potato chips, fruit juices, etc. Indian agricultural exports have grown where Indian farmers in selected pockets are competitive: these include spices made from agricultural produce, flowers, mangoes, other fruitsrice, vegetables, pickels, papads, tobacco, etc. The e-choupals network created by an Indian company and the spread of mobile telephones have provided on line market price and climatic information on on-line real-time basis and helped them to get the best prices and sell to the most attractive buyers and brought them freedom from the clutches of the middlemen and traders.

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