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Thematic Review

Global Theme: Belief Systems

Since the establishment of civilization as a result of the Neolithic Revolution, Belief Systems have been a means for established, orderly ways for groups or individuals to deal with issues of life, death, and the relationship of mankind to his fellow man. A Theme essay will ask you to be able to focus on the major beliefs of these systems, their key individuals and any basic codes of behavior connected with them.

Hinduism. More than 3000 years old, Hinduism has had an enormous impact on India, and Southeast Asia. Key facets of Hinduism include the Caste System, and the belief in Karma and Dharma.

Buddhism. Founded in India around 500 B.C.E., Buddhism was and put growth from Hinduism, and it primary beliefs can be found in the Four Noble Truths, and the Eight Fold Path.

Judaism. The first of the great monotheistic religions, Judaism has been an important belief system that affected both the movement of Christianity and Islam.

Christianity. Greatly influenced by Judaism, Christianity became the core religion of the West, and has had a tremendous impact on World History.

Islam. Also greatly influenced by Judaism, Islam is the third of the three great monotheistic religions, and has a following all over the world. Highly controversial in this modern age, Islam is often mistaken as the de-facto religion terrorism.

You can also use Animism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism

Remember that it is your task in a theme essay based on Belief Systems is to be able to do at least three things:

• Be able to identify the region and time person where it evolved • Explain the essential facets of this particular belief system • Assess the impact, historically, of this belief system on Global History

Thematic Essay

Theme: Belief Systems


You may not use any example from American History in your answer....
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