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1. This map shows the possible migration routes for the first Native Americans that settled in between 15000 and 60000 years ago. These settlers came from Asia across either the Aleutian Islands or Bering Strait and settled in North and South America. 2. When the Europeans first came to the Americas, there was a huge amount of different tribes with a variety of religion, language, and society. These tribes were spread across from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from Northern Canada to at least south of Mexico. 3. Columbus sailed from southern Spain to the Caribbean in 1492, setting off excursions from many other countries. Trips were made to North America, South America and even around Cape Horn. 4. Before the English or French settlers even got to the Americas, Spain had stretched their empire across most of North and South America. Big name explorers like Cortes and Pizarro pitched in for Spain. 5. In search of better and more land, settlers in Jamestown moved expanded north and a little bit south. In the midst of their expansion, they moved into Indian land. 6. Expansion occurred in other early colonies, too. Settlers in Plymouth expanded into colonies of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Haven. 7. England wasn’t the only country that constructed colonies in North America in the eighteenth century. The Dutch, French, and Spanish accompanied them. 8. Trying to find solace in numbers, the colonies experienced a lot of racial and ethnic diversity within. The main groups escaping prosecution were Jews, Swedes, Welsh and French Huguenots. 9. The “triangle trade” is used to describe the many “triangular” trading routes that crossed the Atlantic. The commerce would supply colonies and Africa with manufactured goods, the New World with slaves, and Europe with colonial items. 10. For most of the eighteenth century, North America was dominated by the British, Spanish, and French. Britain had influence on the East Coast, France the Mid-east,...
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