Girl with a Pearl Earring Analysis

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My Novel

Title: Girl with a Pearl Earing
Author: Tracy Chevalier
Publisher: Harper Collins Publisher 1999

Entry 1

Why I chose this novel:

“Girl with a Pearl Earring” is a classic novel that I have never had the chance to read and is something I have always wanted to. For my first novel I read “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” in which one of the main characters Lisabeth is portrayed as quite a heroic woman and I think it would be interesting to compare her with the Girl with a pearl earring. I also enjoy reading books set during renaissance which made the novel more appealing.

The Cover:

The central focus of the cover is the painting of a girl with the girl with the pear earing. This is an old famous painting by the artist Johannes Vermeer. It is a very striking and bold picture that uses deep rich colours, and the girls wide eyes seem to stare at you. The painting is very striking so in turn it is quite a striking cover for a book that would stand out amongst many others. Underneath the girl is a small painting of an old fashion European looking town with a river, this gives an idea of where the book will be set and the time period. The novel does not have a blurb so it leaves the reader a mystery on its contents. Instead the novel has a list of high reviews on the back cover praising the book and its story and how it is written. What do I think it will be about?

From the cover I am unsure on what the book will be about, there is no blurb so I don’t know the storyline at all, my biggest clue is the title. I think the novel will be based on possibly a wealthy girl with pearl earrings and will have some mystery to it.

Cover Design

I think it is a good cover design as it is not very generic. I find it appealing as I enjoy reading books set in the past and the cover shows that this is the case. The cover will attract people who enjoy reading the old fashioned classics. The cover also leaves some mystery about the book and just by looking at it it makes the reader want to know wo the girl with the pearl earring on the cover is.

The author:
Tracy Chevalier

-was born in 1962 and grew up in Washington, DC
-She has masters in creative writing from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England -currently lives in London and is married with a son
-was originally a book editor before she started writing her own books -Girl with a pearl earring has sold nearly 4 million copies world wide

Entry 2

Character 1:


Griet is quit a quiet young girl who tends to keep to herself. The book suggests that at a younger age she was more outgoing but that growing up she started to lose her innocence to the rest of the world this made her more serious and keep to herself. An incident that could have caused this is her father accident working at the tile factory and his blindness as a result. This is a similarity with Lisabeth whose mother has amnesia and Lisabeth has to help her, it is the same with Griet she is now looking after her father rather than the other way round as it should be. Griet was initially close with her older brother Hanns and her sister Agnes, but she loses touch with her brother when he goes to work in a tile factory and later runs away never to be seen again and her sister dies of the plague in the novel. Over the novel Griet learns not to trust people, her brother ran away, Cornillia is constantly playing tricks on her and Johannes Vermeer does not stand up for her. Lisabeth is also a very untrusting character. Griet is also pursued by Pieter van Ruijven, who has power over her because of his class and wealth, he comes onto Griet and she has no choice but to submit, this is similar to Lisabeth whose guardian takes advantage of her as he has power over all her money. Both girls are taken advantage of by man and both with their silent nature don’t speek out. Characters History

Grew up in a family of 5, with a brother and sister. They were not...
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