German & Swiss Culture

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Hey Jordan,

It's cool that you get to visit Switzerland. Here are some interesting things about Switzerland. (Now describe some of these things.)



Some things in Switzerland are very different from the United States. For example, (describe a few differences)


Some things in Switzerland are a lot like the United States. For example, (describe a few similarities)


Have a great trip! Bring me back a souvenir!

(Sign your name)

Hey Jordan,

It's very cool that you get to visit Switzerland! I'm jealous! Switzerland is famous for being “neutral” in international affairs, and is also the hub of finance and banking in the world. It is landlocked and covered in mountains, but they use a lot of waterpower, and the country itself has a lot of lakes and rivers. Its diverse landscape and climate makes it really beautiful. The people of Switzerland are also quite diverse; they have four official languages and the population is German, French, Italian, Romansch, you name it! I think, with such variety of both culture and landscape, your trip should be really interesting.

There are a lot of things America and Switzerland have in common. Take holidays; we celebrate many of the same holidays and have similar holiday traditions (like exchanging gifts for Christmas and having a family meal, or celebrating with fireworks and parties for New Year's Eve). Despite some country-specific holidays, such as Whitsunday and Whitmonday, they also have a Labor Day, Easter, and Federal Day of Prayers, much like Thanksgiving here. Religion in Switzerland is mainly of Christian denominations, very much like America. Additionally, the Swiss people uphold a lot of values that Americans do, like hard work and independence. These characteristics have been prominent and important in development and growth of both nations. Swiss people are relatively friendly with other people, even strangers, often calling close friends and family by their first names, much like...
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