Geology Study Guide- Self Quizzes Exam 1

Topics: Water, Hydrology, Groundwater Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: March 4, 2013
What is air pressure?The weight of air above a given point on Earth's surface Which of the following forces affects the movement of air in and around high- and low-pressure areas?All of the above Which of the following statements regarding the illustration below is correct?Wind speeds near the high-pressure area (H) are lighter and milder than wind speeds near the low-pressure area to the right that are stronger Which of the following areas is characterized by rain throughout the year and is associated with tropical rain forests?Intertropical Convergence Zone near the equator Which of the following statements DOES NOT apply to trade winds?Utilized by ancient mariners sailing from North America to Europe Why are the regions, including deserts, near subtropical highs dry?Air aloft sinks downward, undergoes compression, and heats up The following satellite image shows a band of heavier rainfall that coincides with the __________Intertropical Convergence Zone Where are the polar jet streams located?Near the subpolar low-pressure cells near 60 degrees north and south latitudes where cold and warm air masses meet Rising air along the ITCZ, once aloft, moves towards the poles because of...Temperature differences between the equator and poles Which of the following statements is correct regarding Mountain-Valley breezes?During the day, valley air heats rapidly and rises upslope. At night, mountain air cools quicker and moves downslope into the valley. Monsoonal rains on the continent of India...Are greatest during the summer Which of the following statements does NOT apply to the Pacific Decadal and North Atlantic oscillations?Occur locally over land only during the summer months Which of the following statements does NOT apply to pressure surfaces?Vertical surface where two contrasting air masses meet What two factors will cause seawater to increase in density and therefore sink?Cooler temperatures and increased salinity Which of the following LEAST LIKELY...
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