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Topics: Erosion, Coastal engineering, Coastal management Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Barton on sea is situated in the south coast of England between Lymington and Bournemouth. It is well known coastal area as it was the first place to try out rock groynes. The top of the cliff face is made from sand with gravel within it, and the bottom of the cliff where it’s starting to slump is made from clay which is porous and does not let water in easily unlike sand which is why we can see large amounts of coast erosion as the sand and gravel have pushed back so far.

Barton on sea has had many problems with coastal erosion as they have eroded away at an average of 1 meter per year and several buildings have been lost. Hydraulic action is just one example of the erosion process that is taking place as the force of the waves and sediment knocking against the cliff face is causing the cliffs to erode. Also there are a type of weathering which effect the cliff face which is physical weathering where the water from the sea slips into the cracks in the cliff and then freezes and expands therefore making the cracks larger.

The way Barton on sea chose to manage the area was to put in sea defences to try to reduce the impacts of coastal erosion. 16 timber groynes and a flexible timber revetment backed by rock fill were put in over a stretch of 1.8km over the east Barton frontage. A cliff drainage system was also put in place to try reducing the impacts of coastal erosion aswell.

There are two sea defence types as hard and soft engineering were put in place at Barton to help reduce the strength of the waves as revetments, groynes and sea walls are types of hard engineering and the beach drainage system was put in place to dissipate the waves energy again reducing the impacts of coastal erosion.

It was impossible to show a cost/benefit ratio for spending 1.3 million to protect low value land used for holiday accommodations. The cost for all of the sea defences range on how effective they are and how much work is needed for them to be put in place as...
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