Geo-Political & Geo-Economical Significance of Bangladesh

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ABSTRACT Bangladesh is a very small country with a large population. The geo-economics of a country is very important for their development. But there is a question about geo economical potential. If we want to develop our self, we must know how to make proper use of geo economical potentiality. GEO-ECONOMICS Aristotle consider the geo economical conditions which the territory of a state must fulfill ,at which point he expresses preference for a state territory which would permit autarky and discuss this problem of geo strategy ,stressing the fact that geographical isolation protects a state not only from an outright military attack but also from undesirable influences.




Geo-economics is a relatively new term Geo-politics is an old expression by both which has had much more limited academic academic and popular usages going back to adoption and which is used in popular imperial concerned with the links between writing’s to express ideas ranging from geography, state territoriality and world managerial concerns over the competitive power politics. economic positioning of states and cities. Geo-economics is the study of reciprocal Geo-politics is the study of reciprocal relations between geography and economics Geo economic is the relations between geography and politics politics is the geographical

economical Geo

understanding of a nation on geographical understanding of a nation on understanding location and national economical interest. national interest.


Bangladesh is a small country with huge potentiality for the reason of Bay of Bengal. Recently the verdict of ITLOS made sure that Bangladesh got 1, 11,630 square it is a huge area for us. so we can easily think about it. Now we can do anything in our area. We can use it in two senses 1. Realist sense 2.Liberal sense

ECOOMIC POTENTIALITY FROM FISHERY & TOURISM IN THE BAY OF BENGLE The fisheries sectors plays a vital role in the national economy in terms of income generation. Employment opportunities and nutrition. It contribute roughly 80 percent to the national protein intake nearly 6 percent to the gross domestic product (GDP) and more than 12 percent of the total export earnings. It the future we have so much economic potentiality. Especially in shrimp about 85% of the freezing industry’s production in shrimp.

Percentage contribution of fisheries and tourism to GDP

% Contribution of capture % contribution of tourism Country Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Myanmar Bangladesh India Sri-Lanka Maldives fisheries to GDP (2006) 1.9 1.1 1.6 9.9 2 0.5 1.3 6.25 (2007) 1.3 9 8.4 0 0.1 0.9 2.3 55.5

SOURCE: (APFIC, 2008) (ESCAP 2010) (Maldives ministry of planning and national development-2010)

OIL & GAS BLOCK IN THE BAY OF BENGLE Solving the maritime dispute between Myanmar and Bangladesh through (ITHOS) Bangladesh has gained 18 sea blocks which have huge amount of oil and natural gorses potentiality. Although we have lost our there Mayor blocks (block 13, 18, 23) but It is matter of hope that now we can carry on our activities to find out another blocks and it would be possible for solving the maritime dispute with Myanmar.


How Bangladesh can become a regional transport hub, was described by ADB Country Director Hua DU in a seminar. She mentioned. You can benefit tremendously through opening up transit and great opportunities for crossing from east to west and giving the land-locked neighbors access to the sea” The Chittagong port can become a modern busy port like Singapore serving the SAARC countries and even China. Huge foreign investment may be attracted to Bangladesh and finally a throbbing service sector like Bank, insurance, hotels, rest houses, rest houses, petrol pumps etc. May develop around the Tran’s continental roads and railways. PORT: CHTITAGONG PORT (CHTITAGONG)...

References: 1. Akmal Husain, "Geopolitics and Bangladesh foreign policy" CLIO/1989. 2. Mohammad Shamsul Hoque, 'Bangladesh in International politics: the dilemmas of weak states 1 993 'UPL,p165 3. "Geopolitics of South Asia and the threat of war"(Paper presented at the Conference on Global Conflict and Threat of War at the University of Windsor, Canada on October 2, 1999. 4. K. Subramanian, Bangladesh and India 's security, alit and Dutt, Dehra Dun, 1972, p.109 5. Major General Mohd Aminul Karim, “Geostrategic Environment of Bangladesh”
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