Genetic Variation

Topics: Natural selection, Population genetics, Gene Pages: 3 (638 words) Published: September 1, 2013
The different genetic variation between plants and animals
Aim: to see the similarities between the different breed in a species Genetic variation is what allows natural section and more importantly new alleles (a number of alternate forms of the genetic pool) to enter the population. By having different genetic combinations, those of a population reveal different traits which may or may not be to their benefit, in respects to their social and environmental interactions or surroundings. Because of the genetic variation, certain qualities maybe preferred over others influenced by given surrounding and as a result change the allelic frequency towards the favoured allele However, the environment consistently changes and eventually the preferred trait at a given point in time, may be disliked later on. New traits must be present in a population for adaptation to the new environment. This is possible due to mutation, which allows for new viable alleles to enter a population's gene pool. Now, with new alleles in the mix, some of these new alleles may code for traits that our more favourable to the new environment than are the previously favoured alleles for the older environment. Natural selection can once again be repeated. 

Without genetic variation, any existing natural selection would weed out all inferior species. However once the environment changes, this "supreme" species will stand no chance itself since it cannot adapt. Example: possums to ring tail possums, the genetic trait can be triggered by social interactions and environmental surroundings. Equipment:

* Tape measure
* Scales
* Pen and paper
* 20 breeds of dogs
* 20 different tomatoes
* Measure/weigh all the different dogs and tomatoes
* Record then graph your results
different genetic variations in plant(tomatoes)| weight (grams)| leaf type| Amana Orange| 283.495g| narrow|
Bella Rosa| 283.495g| normal|
Big Raspberry|...

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