Generalization, Utility and Virtue Tests

Topics: Ethics, Virtue ethics, Utilitarianism Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: February 10, 2014

MNGT 5990-01                  Spring 1, 2014
Read Chap. 2 as background for the following tasks. For each task, respond as indicated: Jennifer's Choice comes up as a recurring scenario in the chapter. Which of the author's arguments analyzing her choice (generalization, utilitarian or virtue) do you find most convincing? Explain why in a paragraph.

I find utilitarian analysis to be most convincing. I believe that when perceiving future outcomes the most effective way to come to a conclusion is by weighing it by how many would benefit and how many will suffer. In life there is a common understanding that everyone will not win however if more are winning than losing than it creates some form hope and trust in the human behavior. This option includes the greater good of the masses which in history has proven to be an acceptable condition.  

Prepare two-to-three paragraph answers to the following exercises. Use management by exception - address just those rules which apply to the scenario. Generalization Exercise 3 (p. 14)

According to the generalization test the reason for an action should be consistent, based on ones’ understanding of how the world works, with the assumption that everyone who has the same reason will act the same way. In the situation of the ambulance driver it may appear that the ends justify the means however the promise to the public is not kept. In this case when an ambulance is flashing lights it signifies to the public that there is a medical emergency therefore citizens abide by the law and make way for the ambulance vehicle. In this particular situation the reasoning for the flashing of the lights is not what is understood by the public or how the world works as it pertains to the relationship between emergency vehicles and citizens. Therefore, is unethical as well as defaulting on the promise to the public. So in essence because the act is legal every EMT with the same given reasons might perform the same actions however...
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