Gen Psych Exam 2 Essay Questions

Topics: Infant, Cognition, Observation Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: December 12, 2013
1.MANDATORY: What the filmmakers capture on film provides a unique perspective on the upbringing of each of the babies. a.While each story is unique, what are some universal themes that run through each child’s story? b.Give at least 1 example of a significant cognitive change in one baby or compare cognitive differences between two babies. c.Beyond exploring the remarkable early stages of life for four babies, what did this movie help you explore and understand about all humans? a.

A universal theme I observed during the film that stood out the most of me is observation. From the moment each of the infants stopped their first cry, they started observing, absorbing. Only from this constant observation were they able to pick up the tricks of life that were applicable to each environment. b.

The kind of significant cognitive change I was looking for in the film had share similarities as far as magnitude with insight learning. The baby that showed the earliest sign of this kind of drastic change in thinking in my opinion was the baby from Mongolia. The scene in which the said baby’s brother continuously strikes him on the head with a sponge-like block represented this sudden realization. He noticed that by crying, the babies brother would get scolded, and thus, stop striking him which was obviously unpleasant for the infant child. A strategy was born. c.

Exploring the early stages of child life in this film was obvious. What it also showed that might have been less obvious was that every culture has methods and ways of doing certain things pertaining to all aspects of life, not just child upbringing, and there is no set standard of a “human way” of doing things. For example, the way Ponijao’s mother washed his waste with her knee and used a corn stalk to scrub that off versus the way our American culture have taught us hygienic methods. People all around the world have figured out the way of life using their resources and there is no right way or wrong...
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