Gcse Business Coursework

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Task 4 (1.4)
What is the most important way in which the business you have chosen could improve the promotion element of its marketing mix? The business I have chosen is a local Chinese restaurant in Feltham TW13 4BS called The golden empire .It sells all the types of Chinese food also they have cocktails, wines, cutlets and other sorts of foods.

The figures above show that there are 19,963 people aged 25-29 who are mostly young busy families. There is a population of 89,052 of people aged 30-59 who are almost busy with jobs. Most of the people (74,147) of the age range 16-74 are economically active doing full time jobs and also it shows that they work for long hours. The figures show that a population 12,625 males and 18,785 work for longer hours. Also the tables KS03 and KS04 show that there is a population of 68,618 who are living with the families. The key market of the golden empire is the working families who are very busy. Most of the professional busy families come in here or order their ready meal. To target these customers at the moment the golden empire use free delivery. I would suggest that to reach these customers they could use a promotion method such as a website where customers can order online. Another way to encourage customers would to be give discount when they order online.

I have chosen this business because this business is a local business and not lot of people know about this business. Also this business provides the customers with a great range of services.

The types of research I have used is Primary and Secondary……!

Primary research (field research) is the information/data collected on your own. Primary research is more accurate, reliable and specific because you know that very well about the information collected by yourself. The disadvantages of primary research are that this needs more time and costs more.an example of a primary research is a questionnaire

Secondary research (desk research)
Is the data/information which is already been collected by someone else. Secondary research is more often easy to collect and fast as they have been already collected. The major disadvantage of using secondary research is that this may be not appropriate with the time or the data may be biased.an example of secondary research is the Internet.

I completed a questionnaire to find out data which is specific and to find out the types of data which can’t be found by other types of research for example I wanted to find out the customers opinions of the business which can’t be by the use of other types of research. On the other hand the answers the people provide may not be true. This is the real screen shot of the questionnaire that I have done to find out about the business

Graphs helped a lot because they show if it’s increasing, decreasing or staying the same. Also it’s easy to compare and also it shows us the data more clearly. What I liked the most is that the graph clearly shows the data without having to read.

These are the graphs that I used to analyse my questionnaire I also used the local newspapers and the magazines and the official website to collect information about the business. What are promotions?

Promotion is a form of shared message that uses various methods to reach a targeted audience with a certain message in order to achieve specific organizational objectives.

The types of promotion my business uses are the
1. Leaflets
2. Websites
3. Posters

Web sites

Leaflets are designed printed information leaflets given out by hand by post or inserted in a local newspaper/magazine and also lest in shops, cafes libraries, shopping centres elsewhere it catches the people’s eyes. It attracts the attention and the interest to read. * Use of bright and attractive colours

* Contains lots of information and where the
Most important information such as telephone numbers is in a different font to catch the reader’s...
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