Garments System

Topics: Marketing, Clothing, Management Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: July 25, 2013
This chapter will give its reader the information about the History of the Company, Nature of Business, Mission and Vision, Critical Business System, Strategic Concern for IT Use and the Organizational Chart.

History of the Company
The owner comes up with this kind of business knowing to them that they have knowledge about garments so they use it to start a new and to test if the business will earn. A couple who live in Taytay, Rizal decided to put up clothing business a year after their marriage not only to use their knowledge and skills in clothing but also to earn for their kids future and everyday living. They choose garments since Taytay, Rizal is the garments capital of the Philippines and is very demand at that time. And this was VDM Garments and Services which is making and selling a variety of ladies wear garments and also they offer and accept services. It started in 1992 with four seamstresses and borrowed sewing machines. As time passes by, due to their diligence of work and fairly earned of the business they bought a bias cutter in 1996. From there began they can bought a different types of sewing machines. In 2009, they decided to sale kids garments in Pasig while they do the sewing in the day and sell at night for extra income but unfortunately it loss. So, they stopped selling and return to sewing. They thought that they do not recover from their loss but one day unexpected opportunity comes to their life, there was a person offered to work with her who was good in their business. A person who owns large clothing business of different types of garments who live also in Taytay, Rizal and later on they became partners up to now.

Nature of Business
VDM is a business in making and selling ladies ready to wear garments, they also offering and accepting services like sewing, garment design making and other services that is related on their business. Mission

Our mission is to...
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