Fredrick Douglas

Topics: Federalism, United States Constitution, Federal government of the United States Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Chapter 3:
1. What was the greatest attraction at the home plantation?
The greatest attraction at the home plantation was the large and finely cultivated garden. 2. How were the slaves kept out of the garden?
3. What were Colonel Lloyd’s prized possessions?
They were his horses.
4. What happened if a slave told the truth?
The slave that told the truth was sold to a Georgia trader.
5. What does the expression “a still tongue makes a wise head” mean? Chapter 4
1. Who succeeded Mr. Hopkins?
He was succeeded by Mr.Austin Gore
2. What kind of man was he?
He was an artful, cruel, and obdurate man
3. If a slave was accused of a misdemeanor, what was the result? The result was that you would be punished.
4. Why did Mr.Gore kill Demny the slave?
Because Demby didn’t come to his call, and that would make other slave rebel against all of them to. 5. Give four(4) examples of slave being murdered without consequences to the murderer. Chapter 5 :

1. Why did Douglass have so much leisure time?
Douglass wasn’t old enough to work on the field.
2. Why was he so cold in the winter?
He was kept naked, with only a coarse tow linen shirt reaching his knees 3. What did he use for a bed ?
He used a bag to carry corn to the mill, and laid on the clay cold floor. 4. What is mush?
It was the slave’s food coarse , it consisted of corn, meat and boiled, it was called mush 5. Why didn’t Douglass feel sad about leaving Col.Lloyd’s plantation? Because he had no family mmbers there to hold him back as well as that he was moving to Baltimore. 6. What does Douglass feel the move to Baltimore did for him? 7. Of all the slave children that could have been picked to go to Baltimore, to what does Douglass attribute his being picked? He says he was chosenfrom them all, and was the first, last, and only choice they had. Abigail Bagley

AP US History/per. 6
1998 Document Based Question (DBQ)
With the federal Constitution in consideration, the Jeffersonian Republicans are...
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