Frankenstein, a Play by Philip Grecian: Theater Critique

Pages: 4 (1416 words) Published: December 10, 2013
Theater Critique
The play, “Frankenstein,” by Philip Grecian based on a novel by Mary Shelley, is a drama because the story line was about a very serious scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who was extremely involved in making a life form. He spent most of his time in the lab, and neglected his other duties and his health to some extent. When he finally created life with the help of his colleague, Henry Clerval, it was not at all what he had expected. He created a monster, which was referred to as the creature. In return for Frankenstein despising the creature, he killed almost all of his family. The creature asked Frankenstein to make him a mate, and he would leave him alone, but he fails to complete the task. The creature then kills Frankenstein’s beloved wife, Elizabeth. Frankenstein wanted to avenge his family, so he went to find him in the artic with Henry. Henry was killed by the creature, and eventually Frankenstein froze to death. This summary of the play fits the guidelines of drama due to its powerful and thrilling situations, and the behaviors of the characters. Many times in the play, the viewer was left wondering what was going to happen next.

The main theme of this play is dangerous knowledge. Victor Frankenstein wanted to create human life, so he could play the role of God. His abundance amount of knowledge led him to a life of disaster, after creating the creature. Frankenstein was so involved in his work that he got lost in his science laboratory, and forgot all of his other responsibilities. All the information he gained from his numerous time learning, created someone or something that would eventually cause him to die. One issue that arose was the death of the Justine Moritz. Justine was the caretaker of Catherine Frankenstein, Victor’s little sister. Catherine was killed by the creature, and the blame was put on Justine because she was the only one with her at the time. Justine was sentenced to death, and hung. Frankenstein’s thirst to be a...
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