Frankenstein Dialectical Journals

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“I try in vain to be persuaded that the pole is the seat of frost and desolation… and diffusing a perpetual splendour” (7, 8). It is interesting to see how this person describes the North Pole because in reality the North pole is a place full of ice where few things have adapted to live. This person is speaking of finding beautiful things there and doing something great but it just doesn’t make sense because the North Pole is more of a barren wasteland than a place of dreams. “…I feel my heart glow with an enthusiasm which elevates me to heaven; for nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose…” (9). I think this line is absolutely brilliant. The way Shelly manages to word this is just beautiful because it’s so true! I can connect this to my life because with a steady purpose I can get things done and be successful. People have no drive without a purpose. “But I have one want which I have never yet been able to satisfy… I have not friend” (12). This shows what the character of Walton is like. It seems like he is more antisocial and only looks to his sister as his deep friend. Now as he gets older he realizes how alone he is in life and wants for a friend. He is very particular in who he would take as a friend also so it’s like he has pretty high standards. I couldn’t imagine living a life with no friends, it would be very sad and lonely. “We perceived a low carriage, fixed on a sled, and drawn by dogs… had the shape of a man, but apparently of gigantic stature, sat in the sled, and guided the dogs” (19). I predict that the figure that Walton and his crew saw was that of Victor Frankenstein’s monster. I think that the beginning of the book takes place after everything has happened with Frankenstein. Even though it’s the beginning of the book it is the end of Frankenstein’s life. “Only one dog remained alive; But there was a human being within it, whom the sailors were persuading to enter the vessel” (19). This person I predict to be Victor Frankenstein himself. He must have been trying to follow his creation but failed along the way as his human body is much weaker and susceptible to cold than that of the monster. “I said in one of my letters, my dear Margaret, that I should find no friend on the wide ocean; yet I have found a man…the brother of my heart” (22). This shows that Walton has grown as a character now that he has not only a friend but a near brother. He seems to be happier and livelier now that his greatest want has been granted to him. I think that Walton and Mr. Frankenstein will continue to grow close as the story continues. “He came like a protecting spirit to the poor girl…” (29). This simile within the story shows the character of Frankenstein’s father and it shows the relationship between Caroline and the father. The relationship as of now is one of almost a father and a daughter as Frankenstein’s father is protecting Caroline, but the relationship itself has potential to grow into a more romantic kind of relationship. “My father became a husband and a parent…devoted himself to the education of his children” (29). It is interesting to see the differences between Walton and Frankenstein and how despite their differences they have become almost like brothers. Frankenstein is a well-educated, older gentleman while Walton is a poorly educated middle aged man. “From this time Elizabeth Lavenza became my playfellow… her hazel eyes, although as lively as a bird’s possessed an attractive softness. Her figure was light and airy…” (30). Elizabeth is described in such a way that makes her seem like the epitome of good. Everyone loves her, she is like an angel and will one day be Frankenstein’s wife. It is like Elizabeth is the light in Frankenstein’s life, she symbolizes good and purity. “If, instead of this remark, my father my father had taken the pains to explain to me, that the principles of Agrippa had been entirely exploded… I should have certainly thrown...
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