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College of Sciences
October 16, 2012
I. General Education Requirements
A. “C” or better in ENGL 1158 (1159 for Honors students); “D” ok in ENGL 1157.
B. Literature can be any language; writing courses do not count.
C. Social Sciences – 6 hours, including 3 hours at 2000+ level.
1. Includes Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology,
Sociology, and Urban Studies.
2. History is NOT Social Science; it is Humanities.
D. Humanities – Film, Theater, and Communication Arts, English, Foreign Languages, History,
Philosophy, and Women’s and Gender Studies.
*A&S courses count as Humanities or Social Sciences.
E. Arts – Fine Arts, Music, and theater/dance/film-related courses in Film, Theater, and
Communication Arts.
* FTCA 2650 Oral Communications is NOT Arts.

Note: Mixing requirements from different catalogs is not permitted. The requirements of the selected catalog (any catalog in force during the student’s continuous enrollment) must be followed throughout the degree program. A student who breaks enrollment (either voluntarily or by compulsion) for two consecutive semesters (not one semester and a summer term) may not elect a catalog earlier than the one in force at the time of re-enrollment.

II. College of Sciences Requirements
A. Science courses that cannot be used for degree credit – see attachment 1.
B. Free elective restrictions – see attachment 2.

III. Transfer Students
A. Residency requirements – Last 30 hours at UNO; at least 15 hours in the major at UNO. B. No more than 60 hours from a 2-year school may be applied to the degree.
C. College of Sciences will accept transfer “D’s” in non-Science courses from 4-year schools (NOT 2-year schools or online universities).

IV. Placement and Transfer Equivalencies
A. First semester freshmen without college credit are placed into English and Math based on ACT/SAT scores – see attachment 3....
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