Foodborne Illness: Test Questions

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1. What people expect on sanitation in Foodservice Industry? 2. Why is sanitation important in Foodservice Industry?
3. What is contamination?
4. What is foodborne illness?
5. What is foodborne illness outbreak?
6. What are the factors involved in keeping the food safe and explain each factor? 7. Illustrate the basic food flow in normal food establishment. 8. What are the roles of Food and Beverage Manager in the foodservice establishment? 9. What are the roles of Government in the foodservice establishment? 10. Discuss two (2) reasons why you are studying food hygiene?


1. Why do we need to identify bacteria in our food?
2. What is microbiology?
3. What is microorganism? Give examples.
4. Bacteria exist in two states. What are they?
5. What are the differences between spore and vegetative cell? 6. Bacteria vary in shape. Name the shape of bacteria that you learn. 7. What are the effects on food caused by spoilage bacteria and pathogenic bacteria? 8. What are the differences between eukaryote and prokaryotes? 9. What are parasites? How are they transmitted?

10. Give examples of parasites and how they vary?
11. Write short notes about viruses.
12. Draw a bacterial growth curve and explain all stages.
13. What are the factors that affecting the microbial growth in foods? Explain all factors involved. 14. What is temperature danger zone? Explain and give the temperature range in both Fahrenheit and Celcius. 15. Name the bacteria that love oxygen in order to grow in foods. 16. Name the bacteria that do not need oxygen in order to grow in foods. 17. Name the bacteria that can survive in both conditions. 18. Water in food present in two forms. Name and explain.

19. What is water activity? Explain and give...
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