Food and Beverage

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Ethanol, Wine Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: April 8, 2013
What is Food and Beverage Service?
* Food and Beverage service is the "food and beverage flow" (from the purchasing of the foods to service to the customer) mainly concerned with the delivery and presentation of the food to customer, after completion of the food production. * Sometimes, it involves transportation if there is a separation of production and service facilities. Beverage

* French bevrage, from boivre ("to drink"), from Latin bibō . * It is also said to be derived from the Latin word ‘Bever’ meaning rest or repose from the work. * The term beverage refers to all kinds of potable drinks which have thirst quenching, refreshing, stimulating, and nourishing properties. * Any potable( drinkable) liquid can be termed as beverage which regulates the stomach system and balances the pH level. * Beverages are consumed mainly to quench thirst , compensate loss of body fluid due to perspiration, feel fresh and active, as rituals, during social gatherings, and during and after eating. * Broadly beverage can be classified into two ways;

1. Alcoholic Beverage
2. Non- Alcoholic Beverage

What is Alcoholic Beverage?
* Alcohol is a colorless, odorless and volatile liquid.
* It is a potable liquid containing ethyl alcohol or ethanol(C2H5OH) of 0.5 per cent more by volume. * The percentage of alcohol in a drink varies from 0.5 to 95 per cent , depending upon the method of preparation. * Alcohol is obtained by fermenting a liquid containing sugar. * The word alcohol came from the Arabic word

‘ al-kohl’ which referred to any fine powder that was applied to essences obtained by distillation by the alchemists of medieval Europe. Fermentation is the process in which a liquid containing sugar is acted upon by yeast which converts the sugar into alcohol and gives off carbon dioxide. * E.g. Grape juice- Wine

* Apple Juice- Cider
* Pear Juice- Perry
* Distillation is the process of separating elements in a...
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