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1.Meaning of bombastic (adjective)
pompous; wordy; turgid; inflated; exaggerated

The bombastic woman talks a lot about herself.

2.Meaning of mettlesome (adjective)
courageous; brave; fearless

Such an attitude required fresh springs of energy, and the effect - I was delighted to sense it as I woke each day - was to make me more bouncy and mettlesome than I had been for weeks.

3.Meaning of obtrusive (adjective)
thrusting oneself or itself into undue prominence; invasive

But the waitresses in Marshall and Snelgrove had new uniforms, dark purple instead of the old coffee-cream shade, and a different style of cap, more up to date and less obtrusive.

4. Meaning of cynical (adjective)
sarcastic; doubting the sincerity of others; pessimistic

The conversation which follows is the last in the book, and the weakest, too, a stagey means of imparting some crucial news for Bellow to fulminate against all that is rotten and cynical in American youth.

5. Meaning of depraved (adjective)
corrupt; degenerate; debauched

The depraved state of women in monogamy, associated as it is with private property and capitalism, will according to him, be replaced when capitalism is overthrown.

6. Meaning of labyrinthine (adjective)
complicated; confusing; maze-like

She forced her mind through the labyrinthine sentences of Jacques Lacan and Jacques Derrida until her eyes were bloodshot and her head ached.

7. Meaning of rueful (adjective)
regretful; mournful; pitiable

His head was bare and his smile was just a little rueful, as if he were uncertain of his welcome. She looked down at her new French muslin pajamas, the corners of her thin lips turning up in a rueful smile, wondering if the whiskey stains would come out - and deciding that they probably wouldn't.

8. Meaning of improvident (adjective)
wasteful; careless; not saving up for future needs

An improvident person may end up destitute in later life.

9. Meaning of sordid
filthy; base; vile; foul; dirty

The sordid gutters needed to be cleaned after the long, rainy autumn. The criminals thought patterns were so sordid that he was not granted parole.

10. Meaning of quixotic (adjective)
foolishly idealistic; extravagantly chivalrous; impractical

He was popular with the ladies due to his quixotic charm.
She had a quixotic view of the world, believing that humans need never suffer.

A Winter's Day
On a cold, winter day, I walked to the park wearinga grey trench coat. People passed and I could seethey were merry, for Christmas was on its way. As Ireached the park, I saw kids throwing snowballsand making snowmen while other people were iceskating and laughing. As I watched all of this, I wasthinking of my Christmas past, throwing snowballswith my sister, opening presents on Christmas Day,and me in my youth laughing and enjoying thethought of my family together. Soon those happytimes were over so I left the park leaving behind allmy memories with the knowledge that this, too,would soon be a memory!-- Jeffrey

cotton candy clouds
The clouds are like cotton candy swirling aroundever so gently in a bowl. Moving calmly in the wind, and moving further away from the trees andthe sun. I hear the big, giants rustling in the cool,calm breeze. Looking at the sun setting is so bright and yellow. I can't look away. Soon, the shading covers the dark brown ground, and the cloud is a peach just beginning to ripen. The sunset is like a tiger beginning to pounce on its prey. When I look at the trees they almost disappear into the night sky.-- Sierra

The Lost Tree
The tree is a person standing alone in the darknesswaiting for the sun to come out of hiding. It's aslonely as a new student waiting to make friends.Clouds slowly start to pull apart as the sun peeksaround the corner. The creaky fence is a gate to thefield of trees below. Barbwire sits ready to...
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