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Topics: Muscle, Connective tissue, Adipose tissue Pages: 1 (627 words) Published: October 30, 2014
MPES In todays world, people become more and more conscious when it comes to their physical appearance, health and others skills. Because of that people spend time and money to improve fitness level to become physically fit and healthy. Depending on the objective of an individual on what aspect to focus skill related or health related. Fitness is defined as the ability of an individual to perform certain task with sufficient energy to avoid fatigue and enjoy life. Being physically fit there are two things to consider namely skill related fitness and health related fitness. Skill or performance related fitness contain skills that enhance performance in athletics or sports event. It includes agility, balance, power, coordination, speed and reaction time. Agility is the ability to change direction while maintaining a constant and rapid motion. For example, to change directions to receive or dig the volleyball as the player react to the ball from the attack. Balance is the capability of an individual to maintain equilibrium, stabilize the body when standing still or moving. One example is walking on a beam balance. Coordination is the ability to use senses together with body parts during movement. Juggling is one good example of eye hand coordination. Dribbling a soccer ball is another example of eye and foot coordination. Power is the capacity to move body parts through muscle to exert maximum force in a short period of time. In other words power is a combination of muscle strength and speed. For example, executing a slam dunk or performing the attack or spike in volleyball. Speed is the ability to move or perform task in a short period of time. Common examples are speed running trying to beat the fastest time or 50 meters free style swim event. The last is the reaction time. It is the ability to react or respond to a stimulus. Stimuli can be something you hear, see or feel. Gun start in athletics event, players responds when the ball is being hit during baseball...
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