Fitness of Crickets

Topics: Male, Female, Sex Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: February 11, 2014
Part one:
1.The “fittest” of crickets are the ones smart and fast enough to get to the female before the male that is actually chirping can.

2.It depends on which side you look from. If you are going to be the chirping cricket then it is bad because you worked hard to get the female and she was stolen from you. That makes you the “unfit” one. If you are looking from the intercepting cricket’s side then it is good because you got to mate and pass on your genes without having to do any work, and then you couldn’t have attracted that female if it weren’t for the other chirping male. 3.When the “lazy “crickets intercept the female and mate, they pass on their genes of being “lazy.” That causes there to be more “lazy” crickets and less chirping ones. 4.Selection favors calling crickets because they are more likely to attract a female to mate with them, passing on their genes. Selection favors non calling crickets because they intercept the females going to the calling crickets and the females think that it is the non-calling cricket that was calling.

Part two:
1.The silent cricket would be favored on the island with the maggot flies. They would not be killed as easily because the chirping males would be heard by the flies and then killed by the maggots they plant on them. They would also be favored where the females aren’t as picky because they are smart enough to intercept the females. If the females aren’t picky then they won’t want a “courtship” song and they would willingly mate with the silent cricket even though it wasn’t the one calling to her. The chirping cricket would be favored on an island that is non-maggot and fly ridden because they would attract and mate with the females, weeding out the silent crickets. They would also be favored in places that the females are picky because if a silent male were to intercept his female and she wanted a “courtship” song, the silent male wouldn’t be able to give her the song and she would keep looking...
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