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The Fine Wine Rack Company
Welcome to the wine cellar business. As Production Manager of the Fine Wine Rack Co., you supervise a small factory which builds custom bottle storage systems. These storage systems, or "wine racks", have been installed through out the country. Your typical customer is a private wine collector, usually wealthy, who is either building or remodeling a wine cellar to store his or her own collection. Ben Parker, the owner of the Fine Wine Rack Co., closes each deal personally and turns the order over to you to build. The order then becomes a "job" released into your factory, and is usually referred to by the name of the customer for whom it is being built. Ben promises that the job will be shipped by a certain date, although customers are happy to receive their cellars earlier, if possible. For more information on sales and revenue, see the "Financial Information" section of this packet.

The Fine Wine Rack Factory is a modest sized job shop located in an industrial park adjacent the Bayshore Freeway outside San Francis, California. You currently have four crew members staffing the factory: Juan Vasquez (senior employee and master carpenter), Debbie Bates, Mike Parker (the son of your boss, Ben Parker), and Stan ("the Man") Reeves. Your job as Production Manager is to schedule the activities of these four employees, as well as keep them supplied with whatever materials they may need.

1/4” = 10 feet, approximately
160 feet
Piece Prep





Cross Cut


Piece Prep

60 feet

Rack Production

Front Office

To Street

MGO 302 Fine Wine Rack Project- page 1

Inspection and


Bay Doors

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Building Fine Wine Racks
Wine racks are made from clear-heart redwood, which is lumber cut from the center of a redwood tree. (Redwood is the preferred lumber of wine cellars, because it is highly mildew and insect resistant. Redwood gets its unique color from an acid which makes it unappetizing to most pests.) Individual racks consist of horizontal and vertical pieces fastened into ladder-shaped sub-assemblies, which are then held in place by horizontal bands of trim across the front and back of the rack. Step Two: Rack

Making: build
ladder shaped
Step One: Part
Making: Cut
horizontal and
vertical pieces

Step three: Attach
Horizontal Trim to
assemble wine

The wine racks pictured above are twenty-bottle high, single depth racks. Four columns of wine rack are visible in the break-away section of finished racking on the right. Note that attaching the horizontal trim in the third step above is not done in your production shop at the Fine Wine Rack Company. Rather, the horizontal trim is created to order at your shop, and shipped separate from the ladder shaped sub-assemblies such as the one in the center of the picture. Step Three of this drawing is actually completed once all these items are delivered to the wine cellar location. If Step Three were completed in your shop, most finished wine racks would be too big to ship, and wouldn’t fit through the door of the wine cellar even if they could be shipped.

MGO 302 Fine Wine Rack Project- page 2

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Building Fine Wine Cellars
Aside from Ben Parker's personalized sales techniques, the only thing "custom" about a "custom" wine cellar is the horizontal trim which holds the rack sub-assemblies together. All customers' orders are some combination of four basic types of sub-assemblies: twenty-bottle high/single bottle deep racks, twenty-bottle high/double deep racks, twenty four-bottle high/single bottle deep racks, and twenty four-bottle high/double deep racks. These sub-assemblies, in turn, are made of rack parts, cut from your available lumber. To complete a job (one customer's order), you...
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