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Topics: Discrimination, Retirement, Ageism Pages: 6 (1271 words) Published: September 19, 2014

Diverse workforce brings extensive idea, skill and ability. Conversely, they also bring challenges for management team. Different kind of ethnicity, ages, race, and gender cause conflict at workplace due to miscommunication among them, such as discrimination. Older people face discrimination because they cause company abundant wealth than younger worker. For that reason, company try to fire them although they have good health condition. They are the great asset for the company. That reason, manager need to learn that. Also, it is against government policy to discriminate. Management teams have to solve the problem that diverse work group face in order have healthy work environment for diverse workforce.

People are the treasure of every organization. They are doing all the work to build up the company for certain goal. Without worker money cannot be made. Employee and employer are two running every workplace. At workplace, there are diversity such as race, religion, and age. Age diversity is the one of the most important role that play at workforce because there are changes that occur as the population ages. Also, age diversity play most profound challenges for manager. In addition, management teams need to eliminate policies that lead to age discrimination. Moreover, organization always face challenges while trying to build a diverse workforce, and they should overcome those challenges by taking appropriate action because there are huge benefit of having a diverse workforce.

Changes occurs at diverse workforce
People are working longer than before as population ages because of medical science have improved the health condition. Also, study suggested that human being will live longer than before, and they will work longer. For example, from 2002 to 2012 US worker age over 59 increase from 22 percent to 29 percent, and study suggest that worker age 54 will increase to 93 percent from 2006 to 2016. In addition, US legislation cancel the law about mandatory retirement, therefore people do not have retire at certain age there will be much older people than younger people. Younger people will have less opportunity for employment. Retirement time will be extended and benefit, healthcare, and salary will be higher (Robbins and Judge, 2015, p. 38-63).

Problem that diverse workforce and management face
Increasing age diversity will create challenges for managers. Because people of different ages working, manager has to deal with different kind of expectation that arise from younger employee or older employee. Manger sometimes have to fire older employee because their salary and benefit continuously increases. For example, older people have higher benefit because they have health problem and retirement saving keep filing up. One of the most profound challenge for management team is discrimination among older and younger employee (Robbins and Judge, 2015, p. 63).

Older worker face a variety of discriminatory attitude at workplace. For example, researchers found that older consider lower performers at job. Manager has to deal with this problem. Manger should do the investigation who is performing good job. For instance, after research scientist investigation, they found out that kind of information is not true. They do faster job at workplace and fit into organization well because they have higher skill level due to working long time. Also, they have strong work ethic and commitment to quality (Robbins and Judge, 2015, p. 63).

Company uses discriminatory policy and practice to fire older people because company have to spend too much money at them (Robbin and judge, 2015. P.44). Also, older do not get hire because they are not updated with technology. To deal with age discrimination, management should deal with the problem directly, set clear expectation, communicate with the...

References: Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2015). Organizational behavior. Retrieved from
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