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Topics: Native Americans in the United States, South Dakota, Native American history Pages: 4 (1120 words) Published: March 26, 2014
The Dakota War of 1862-
It was a rebellion by the Lakota’s in Minnesota in 1862 to try and gain lands back lost from land cessions. In a massacre, the Dakota managed to kill 500 settlers and Lincoln decided by sending troops from the Civil War to fight the Dakota’s. The Union ended up winning after 6 weeks. 400 were tried and 40 were set to be hung until the missionaries decided to fight for them and had that number reduced to 38, the largest hanging in history.

Sand Creek Massacre, November 29, 1864
Gold was found on Cheyenne territory in CO. People tried to raid their land and mine gold so the Cheyenne massacred them. Their leader went to the CO Territory Governor to plead for peace but the Governor attacked anyway killing 150 Indians. They Govt. determined it was unjust but no one was ever held responsible.

Navajo Long Walk, 1864
8000 Navajo were forced from their land to a place so secluded it was virtually a prison camp. 200 members died on the way and the only source of water was a river which was contaminated. The Indian Agent saw it was so bad that he petitioned to let the Navajos return and only 7000 were alive to return home after 4 years.

Ghost Dance
It was a religion started in NV which called for no alcohol, peace, and a ghost dance. The ghost dance was a round the pole and was supposed to connect you with your ancestors and make the white men disappear.

Wounded Knee (the first one) 1890
When Sitting Bull returned in 1890, settlers were scared of the Ghost Dance religion he brought with him and soldiers were sent to arrest him, but killed him instead. 2 weeks later, during the winter, with the settlers still scared of a rebellion they soldiers were sent to massacre Pine Ridge and killed 300 women, men, and children.

Richard Henry Pratt
He was an army general who fought in the Civil War. He at frist was not worried about Indians but then became obsessed with trying to “kill the Indian and save the man.” His biggest attempt...
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