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Final Exam in Literary Masterpieces

By Jmacabingkil May 04, 2013 802 Words
School of Advance Studies
Master of Arts in Education in English


* The master is Jemica P. Macabingkil
* She was born on February 04, 1987 and the youngest of the three siblings in the family. * She currently taking Master of Arts in Education major in English at The National Teachers College. * She has a blog account where she posted her literary works and captured moments of her life.





Part 1


By the moment he looked into her eyes
He was astonished by her angelic smile
He knew that he already found
The love that he prayed every night

As they shared the moments of their love
He promised to be loyal and be ideal
She might doubt his undying love
But never tired to proved that she’s the only one

Their passion, their trust and willingness to rise
Rise above all and be strong along the size
The size as big as a power to commit
It is their respect for each other that makes them submit

As he kneel down and offers his life
With a ring that symbolizes his undying love
Forever is a promise for them to keep
Forever is a fact that together they will always stick

Part 2


By the time she looked into his eyes
She saw something that he can’t deny
He must have been something from up above
Sent here to meet her and connect their love

Their hearts as one and their minds are set
Devoted to their relationship that is already set
Her mind is still boggling about the reason why
They’re still together and they still have the fire

Their passion, their trust and willingness to rise
Rise above all and be strong along the size
The size as big as a power to commit
It is their respect for each other that makes them submit

She doesn’t know how to describe how she feels right now
She must be shaking until she finds it how
Forever is a promise for them to keep
Forever is a fact that together they will always stick|


Love is always the most preferred topic of every individual worldwide. Romantic love specifically, is the most expressive issue of people’s lives. Most writers probably preferred to write stories about love since most readers desired to relate their own love story as well as be guided to have a successful romantic relationship. Nowadays, true love is very challenging to find since the world is surrounded by a pretentious love. In this poem, lasting love expresses evidently by the two people in love and proved that true love still and will always exist.The first part “Promise” reveals that the man’s promise to the woman whom she loved to be always ideal and loyal. As the poem progresses, their romantic relationship grows deeper and deeper as they shared affection, passion, trust and respect. The last stanza illustrates the man’s wedding proposal as he kneels down and offered her a ring. It might be consider as conventional due to the fact that not all married couple experienced this stage before getting married. The second part “Forever” is the counterpart of the first poem in which each line corresponded on the woman’s view. She also expresses dedication and sincerity towards the man whom she decided to be with forever. The first stanza reveals her strange feeling towards him as she believed that they were destined from each other. She was able to feel his genuine love and hold on to its promise that they will always together forever.The making of the piece was inspired by the author’s view about love. Every words from the poem reveals her devotion to the special someone whom she shared her precious moments of her life. The author is on the stage of preparing for the next chapter of her life as a bride as she cherished a decade of love with her childhood sweetheart. The poem is unstructured. It is divided into two parts; both has 16 lines. The third stanza was repeated to reveal that their mind and soul speaks as one. The poem has visual images – astonished by her angelic eyes and she looked into his eyes. It has an end rhymes though each line has different number of syllables. The poem is considered as a romantic poetry and it used symbolism as a literary device.As it is always expected in any romantic love story, happy ending always exist, though the word “forever” and “promise” is frequently use, these words are often experienced and reached. |

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