Field Experience Report

Topics: Special education, Education, Lesson plan Pages: 9 (3175 words) Published: April 21, 2013
General Outcome:

1.0 The student shall spend 15 hours in observation in a school setting.

Specific Measurable Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this unit, the student shall be able to:

1.1 Review an existing lesson plan prior to the lesson.
After reviewing an existing lesson plan prior to the lesson implementation by your cooperating teacher, address the following: 1) Record the subject, grade level and the goal of the lesson plan. 7th grade Civics.

Goal: 1. Identify the key issues discussed at the Constitutional Convention;
2. Describe the problems and solutions that were addressed by the Great Compromise of the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

How did this lesson plan differ from the required lesson plan of this course? Much less detailed, in fact I would even call it vague. 2) Did the plan include an assessment?  Not really, he had “Evaluation” and that was to be determined by student’s participation.

Observe the implementation of the lesson and address the following: 3) Did the actual teaching/learning process take place as outlined in the plan?  Why or why not?  The teaching process took place as outline, however the learning process is hard for me to gauge without a formal assesment. 4) Did the teacher feel as if the lesson was successful and the objective was met? Yes, he did, he seemed satisfied. But to be frank, I don’t believe so. 5) Would you have done anything differently from the teacher? If so, what? Yes, I would definitely be more detail oriented with my lesson plans. I find his plans to be too vague for my liking.

1.2 Observe a cooperating teacher in large and small group instructional setting.
After observing a cooperating teacher in a large and small group instructional setting, address the following:
Large group instructional setting:
1) Did you observe any of the following instructional strategies: integrated curriculum, thematic teaching, cooperative learning, critical thinking/problem solving, or differentiated instruction? He used differentiated instruction for a gifted student in one of the classes I observed. For example, he would assign the same chapter from the Civics book for all the students, but he would assign the gifted students, additional questions to answer at the end of the chapter, and in fact, they were what I would consider “higher order” questions. 2) Describe what you observed. (If none of the instructional strategies listed above were observed, describe what strategies you did observe.)

Small group Instructional setting:
1) Did the cooperating teacher use small group instruction? If not, why do you think it was not used? Yes, he did use small group instruction. In one of the classes I observed, there was 5 ESOL students, he grouped them together to get the extra help needed in reading chapters and comprehension of the material, with an ESOL teacher aide. 2) How could you use small group instruction with this class of students? It could be used by divinding kids into different small groups, I would divide them not by grouping skill levels together, but by group different skill levels together. That way, they could collaborative learning could be implemented. If so, describe the teaching strategies in the small group. I would use collaborative learning and use higher order thinking skills as my primary goal in the small group. I would act more as a facilitator, guiding them on the journey. 3) What criteria was used to form the small groups? He sepereated the ESOL group, however you could also use small group instruction for differential instruction for gifted students.

How did the instruction in the small group compare to that of the large group? The small group was much more interactive. The large group listened to a lecture, while the ESOL group participated much more among the group and interacted much more within the small group, as compared to the large, which...
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