Family Therapy

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* History of the therapy (Short)

The rise of Family Therapy was during the 1950s and 1960s but there were already great contributions by psychologists during the 1920s. The pioneers of this therapy believed that a person’s behaviour is ultimately influenced by the relationships in family system. Those who have good family relationships were seen to have better behaviour, thoughts and emotions than those who have unstable family relationships.

The famous contributor to family therapy is Virginia Satir. According to her, in order to have a healthy family life, everyone in the family should share their feelings and affections. Other important concepts in this therapy are love and nurturing.

Another great contributor is John Elderkin Bell. He developed a step-by-step treatment plan for the whole family. His plan involved how to improve communication and make solutions to family problems. Meanwhile, Nathan Ackerman suggested that all members of the family should be included, not just the person experiencing difficulty. He also mentioned that this is the best therapy for children.

* How the therapy works in practice

Usually, family therapy is conducted within the homes of the family. Everyone is allowed to speak, ask questions and learn more about the problem. Normally the person diagnosed is the one who shares his experiences, feelings and thoughts about his condition to make his family members aware. It is also possible for other relatives to join the sessions. This therapy is not exclusive for family members, basically, all people who are in support of the client’s condition are included. Family therapy lasts for about 3 to 12 months. There is also delegation of leadership, it could be the father, mother, children who all have the voice to speak and to be listened to.

* Goals of the therapy / What the therapy wants to accomplish

“Help family gain positive communication, solve...
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