Family Systems

Topics: Family, Family therapy, Sibling Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: March 16, 2014
Childhood Trauma, Development and Treatment
When considering family systems, one needs to look at the broad frame of a family’s dynamics while simultaneously analyzing how each member of the family plays integral part in the family dynamic. Family’s, especially in the progressed world we live in, can be comprised of a variety of make up. When one thinks of family, one could typically define one’s family by the people the person was surrounded with as a child that influenced the child in their early years and continued forward into adolescence and adulthood. When considering the complexity of a family system, it is also important to analyze the member’s attachment to the other members. According to the article by Nims and Duba (2011), they remark that Dr. Murray Bowen’s theory keys in on emotions and family functioning. Bowen believed that each family member relies emotional on other members of the family, leading them to be interdependent and their relationships to be reciprocal. Siblings and sibling interactions play a vital role “in providing experiences that foster skills instrumental to social emotional and cognitive development” (Cox, 2010). While evaluating family systems, it is imperative to examine family interactions, both socially and covertly; in the field of therapy it is important to analyze the family dynamic in their household setting and in a clinical setting to truly depict how the family interacts and depends on one another. Further research needs to be conducted to analyze the vast variety of family systems our society contains nowadays, as the “typical” family is not so typical anymore.

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As human beings we are pre-determined to develop relationships early. In fact, research shows that attachment develops in infancy and continues to play a vital role in our relationships throughout the rest of our lives. (Feldman, 2011) Not only do infants attach to their parents, they acquire attachments to other members of...

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