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Marriage and family
I agreed the family is one of society’s most basic and important institutions; therefore, studying the family is integral to understanding the larger society in which we live. While most of us grow-up in some sort of family and thus have direct experience with its forms and functions, generally we do conceptualize our families as socially and historically constructed institutions. To help provide a sociological framework for understanding our own families as well as those of others in our society, explores the linkages between family forms, relationships and functions and the larger social conditions in which families develop. Since the 1950’s the “traditional” or “ideal” family consisting of a breadwinner-husband, a homemaker-wife, and two to three children has become less common, while other family forms such as dual-earner families, single-parent families, stepfamilies, and gay and lesbian families – among others – have become increasingly more common. While some scholars, pundits and policy makers lament the increasing diversity of family patterns and predict the demise of the family, others maintain that the family is a resilient institution whose capacities and functions are not diminished by its current diversity. The definition of family is falling apart in my opinion. Today families spend less and less time together. Most of the parents that is if there still together both work. That leaves the kids either at home by themselves or at daycare with some besides there parent. Most families don’t even have dinner together anymore. Family: Both parents and their children coming together and being with each other. However, there is no such thing as a “normal family.” We all do things differently, or want different things and we all have to do different thing to do so. While some couples want to get married but can’t have children, others aren’t married and have children. Society does not have an exact definition of family anymore....
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