Factors to the Continuing Mismatch Between Tertiary Education Graduates

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Factors to the Continuing Mismatch between Tertiary Education Graduates

And Manpower Demand: An Action Program

To Rationalize Supply and Demand

Marivic T. Sanchez


The primary objective of this research was to rationalize supply and demand per program in response to the continuing mismatch in education and manpower demand. Specifically, it raised the following questions: 1) What are the curricular degree programs/disciplines offered by the different private and public colleges and universities in the Philippines?; 2) What are the curricular programs/disciplines commonly preferred by the students in the public and private colleges and universities in the Philippines?; 3) What is the rate of absorption among the graduates of this curricular program/discipline in occupation selected to their qualifications; and 4) Is the rate of absorption of these graduates significantly selected to their career qualifications or choices? The descriptive-documentary analysis method of research was utilized in this particular study. Descriptive research describes and interprets “what is”. It reveals conditions or relationships that exist or do not exist. In this study, the descriptive method was used to determine if the manpower demands match with the labor supply of the public and private tertiary institutions in the Philippines.

To obtain an objective, systematic and quantitative study with regard to the curricular programs, labor and supply demand, a documentary analysis method is also applied. Data used in this study were obtained from the Commission on Higher Education through its information and Public Division. For a sufficient input on the status of manpower demand, the Bureau of Local Employment furnished a copy of the Labor Market Profile in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment.


Results of the study showed that : a) Curricular programs were offered in the public colleges and universities in the...
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