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Facebook is a social networking website that unites million of people all over the world, providing private profile pages and connections between friends. Facebook was created in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues, who as well as Mark Zuckerberg were students of Harvard University. Initially Facebook was a small networking for Harvard University students, but after a while it was expended to others colleges and was growing incredibly fast earning huge popularity. In May 2005 Accel partners invested $12,7 million in Facebook in order to create the most popular networking in the world. Before its initial public offering in 2012 Facebook was a privately owned by Mark Zuckerberg and other co-founders. Now Facebook is managed by American Multinational Internet corporation Facebook Inc. which is headquarter in Menlo Park, California, has over 2,000 employees, and offices in 15 countries. Facebook Inc. is selling stocks and trading on the NASDAQ from May 18, 2012. Facebook as already mentioned is a social networking website which provides communication tools to its members, this allows people to write private messages, upload their own pictures, comment on them and also provides to it users to join thematical groups. Therefore being free and easy to use, being interactive and structured on the base of interests and objectives of its users, Facebook is a bright example of a Web 2.0 technologies of contemporary time which represents a biggest user generated content platform in he world.. Facebook is developed as one monolithic application. According to an interview in 2012 with Chuck Rossi, a build engineer at Facebook, Facebook compiles into a 1.5 GB binary blob which is then distributed to the servers using a custom Bit Torrent-based release system. Rossi stated that it takes approximately 15 minutes to build and 15 minutes to release to the servers. The build and release process is zero downtime and new changes to Facebook are rolled...
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